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  1. Hi all, i use nmon to monitor my systems as it (IMO) gives a better layout for monitoring all levels of hardware on the system rather than just the "top" process or even Syno's own monitor page. (nmon allows display of top processes, memory, disks, networks etc but shows a realtime activity of the devices/processes etc.) I thought i would make it available for others to use if they wish too. So to get this working i simply copied the binary from another Linux system of mine (Centos) and placed it in the /usr/sbin/ directory and then set permissions to everyone wit
  2. Hi TNa. I was happy to see this post, as i also would be quite happy paying for the plugin. I did however install it successfully on my 3615xs and it is pretty straight forward. Log in as a user and "sudo su -" then when requested, input the user password for the account you're loggin in as. then type in "synouser --setpw root <YOUR PASSWORD HERE> This sets the root users password. Hope it helps. It is also worth reading down the full information on the link above as there are a couple more things to do to get this working. They're not difficul
  3. I have a new vanila install of windows 7 and i too do not get anything generated when i select any of the models of nas. I have installed the Win7 rollup, .net4 and c++ vb updates to see if they made any difference, but no matter what i try, i get nothing when clicking the generate button. I am also running it as Administrator. I understand this is a port of the html version off the site, If so what program was it ported in? maybe there is an update or something else that i need to install? I am running as a VM, not sure if thats anything to do with it. if i originally