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Monitoring the DS's with nmon tool.


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Hi all, i use nmon to monitor my systems as it (IMO) gives a better layout for monitoring all levels of hardware on the system rather than just the "top" process or even Syno's own monitor page. (nmon allows display of top processes, memory, disks, networks etc but shows a realtime activity of the devices/processes etc.)

I thought i would make it available for others to use if they wish too.



nmon scren shot

So to get this working i simply copied the binary from another Linux system of mine (Centos) and placed it in the /usr/sbin/ directory and then set permissions to everyone with exe


So a quick run down on the install and a little info on use.

(sudo access will be required to either run or change permissions on the file when initially put in /usr/sbin).


So i have attached the 16h binary. (this was the latest version when i last got it, but that was some time ago now)

1. Copy the nmon file to your syno device over ssh.

2. log into the device and move/copy the binary to the /usr/sbin/ directory.

3. set the permissions for the nmon binary as required

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/nmon



To use it, we simply run nmon when logged into ssh.

A help page is available with pressing the "h" key.

As a basic start is to simply press the following keys to get the relavent layout/hardware info. (pressing the same key again removes the monitor)


t = top processes

n = network stats/activity

c = cpu info/activity

d = disk activity (as some of you/us will have multiple disks, i use a 'full stop/ period' to then only show active disks.


To quit nmon, as with top, htop etc, just use the 'q' key.


give the help page a look and i am sure you will never use the top command again.






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