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  1. Hello, the speeds I read are between 31 to 45 MB/s upload And between 20 to 33 MB/s download. I did transfer some large files from PC to NAS en back. To me it where goods up and down speeds, my original Synology DS211+ and 212+ are slower
  2. Hi, if you want to know more about the HP EX490, the hardware and upgrades, look at the forum. Thats were i found more about upgrades and the hardware here you can find all of the Xpenology software. And I’am thinking about upgrading the HP EX490 and at this moment a read a lot at the other forum about the possibilities. Also looking for a memory upgrade. When it all will work, then I can use it as a server replacement for my old 211+ and 212+. succes!
  3. Hi All, I did nothing special to my installation, just followed the instruction video from Jadehawk. At first startup I put the USB with Xpenology Jun's 1.03b, at the back in the lower USB port. And two clean disks at bay 1 and 2. My disks are a WD blue in bay 1 and a WD green in bay 2, both 500 GB. I was only experimenting with Xpenology and the HP EX490. Booted my EX490, installed DSM 6.2-23739 and it worked! I have booted several times with no problem at all. Did an upgrade to 6.2.3-25426 with a completly new install. My EX490 runs from 2-
  4. YES, i have my HP EX490 running with DSM 6.2-23739 as a DS3617xs with 2 disks in bay 1 and 2! I’am happy, thanks to a nice video that helped me a lot, by Jadehawk! @jadehawk thanks for your helpfull video!
  5. Hi, I did use your Brick Xpenology background for my HP EX490, I love it!! Thank you very much for your artwork! Greetinx, Franka
  6. Hi all, I'am Franka, a female railroad signaling inspector in the Netherlands by ProRail. Love to try out things with old PC's, laptops, phones and tablets. And with all diverend sorts of OS. Now I like to make my own Xpenology server. I have a Synology DS211+ & DS212+ NAS, but I like to build an 4 bay server with 4x 3TB HDD (WD Red). My system is an old PC with a Asrock 75M-HVS AMD cpu A4 3300 APU, 8Gb DDR3 ram. Think it is a nice one to try Xpenology on, so..... Lets go Girls!! Greetinx Franka The Netherlands Amersfoort