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  1. Hi, new links 1: 2: Regards, Adam
  2. Hi, i make another pack of 18 wallpapers, you can download from here: PS: 2 xmas wallpapers for this year Regards, Adam
  3. Hi, thanks and i understand i can't find any nice wallpapers even from syno so i make some Regards, Adam
  4. Hi, oh come on what is legal here this is just a nice backgrounds. Yes, picture was free to download, the sign in the bottom right corner is mine. LOL be cool mates. Regards, Adam
  5. Hi, I make a pack of 18 wallpapers, you can download from here: Regards, Adam
  6. Hi, 3 more Regards, Adam
  7. Hi, just click on link, right mouse on picture and save as Regards,
  8. Hi everyone, i make a nice wallpaper you can download from here: If you want i can make some more or even remake from other background. Regards, Adam