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  1. I'm wondering the same too... would be great if we can!
  2. Can you give us more details? Which DSM version are you running? Which boot (Trantor's, Nanoboot, ...) Take a screenshot maybe?
  3. Fresh news about the issue coming from Synology forums: -------------------- The AnandTech article was updated a bit ago: "Synology has finished analyzing the exploit and confirmed which versions of DSM are vulnerable. The vulnerability in question was patched out of DSM in December of 2013, so only servers running significantly out of date versions of DSM appear to be affected. In summary, DSM 5.0 is not vulnerable. Meanwhile DSM 4.x versions that predate the vulnerability fix – anything prio
  4. Ta réponse est sur cette page: Tu pourras faire un retour d'expérience?
  5. Hi everyone, It seems there's a workaround for this problem for "legacy" Synology NAS 1. Shut down the NAS 2. Remove all the hard drives from the NAS 3. Find a spare hard drive that you will not mind wiping and insert it into the NAS 4. Use Synology Assistant to find the NAS and install the latest DSM onto this spare hard drive (use the latest DSM_file.pat from Synology) 5. When the DSM is fully running on this spare hard drive, shut down the NAS from the web management console. 6. Remove the spare drive and insert ALL your original drives. 7. Power up the NAS and wait patientl
  6. Hi, Just updated successfully to DSM 4.3-3827 Update 4 running on Trantor's BETA 8 using your method! Many thanks for this tutorial! EDIT: Update 5 is working too!!!