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  1. well that didn't work for me. still getting network drop outs. cant work it out, I have changed the network card and a powerline adapters two. I am running out of ideas
  2. well I have finally got round to putting in a intel network card. I hope its fixes the issue now
  3. Did u ever get this card to work?? Did u get this card to work??
  4. in that case I will buy new intel card
  5. cool I will try this tonight and let u know
  6. has anyone tired installing a intel network card??
  7. I would prefer dsm 6 but think I will try and see what happends
  8. I might try putting dsm 5 on the server and see if its any better
  9. i am having the same problem. did u ever get it fixed?? I am wondering if I should get an intel NIC and see if that sorts the problem
  10. I have having the same problem with my amd system. I was thinking it was my network cable but after reading this I am not so sure. I will update my loader to the latest version and see what happens
  11. any users with an amd system been able to update past 6.1.3 - update 1. as when I try it just says corrupt and will not update
  12. waspsoton

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    thanks will try that over the weekend
  13. waspsoton

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I am trying to install the 6.1.3 update 3 from 6.1.3 update 1. but when I try I am getting an error "fail to update the file. the file is probably corrupt". I have re downloaded it three times. any ideas??