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  1. Good idea, now it is working with the new MAC address but I save this method for later use! (or should I change the SN too?) Btw when you tested, did the original Synology drive get back on track and worked after a while (DSM login), or you had to reinstall it to use normally again?
  2. Thank you guys, I have changed the MAC but the SN stayed the original. Restarted router too just in case.
  3. Alright, it is 2 days late, but how can I change SN or MAC the easiest way? I don't want him any trouble. Does simply editing existing grub file on the boot pendrive enough? edit. Turned it off and pendrive is in my computer but can't mount the grub file... Can I make a new pendrive and reinstall the system without loosing all the stuff I setup in the last 2 days? (docker etc) edit2 - google is my friend, right? I will try this: "chaning the mac adress from the grub menu worked perfectly. --> by pressing C in grub menu, enter "mac1 your_mac" in command line, then ESC and boot." CAN the SN stay the original? MAC will be the hardware MAC of the device
  4. absolutely not, NAS is still empty, copy in progress. I will try it tomorrow, thanks.
  5. 2. Transcoding (needs sn and mac from real syno hardware) I'm using my friends SN and MAC address, but after a fresh install cd /dev/dri shows nothing. -sh: cd: /dev/dri: No such file or directory cat: /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf: No such file or directory What did I miss? 1.04b bootloader, DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 Asrock J4105
  6. My friend gave me his SN and MAC address for his DS918+, but does it affect him if I start using it? I don't use quick connect (I use dyndns), I need it for hardware transcoding, but I don't want to hurt his system.
  7. I tried that at first for installation but couldn't see the device in find.synology.com. Deleted extra2 and replaced extra.lzma, but didnt work, When i used the original files it booted up to install, but lost it after a few restart. I will give it a try again and leave extra2 and just overwrite lzma.extra
  8. Newbie here. I tried to install 1.04b and 6.2.2-24922, but after it reboots network goes offline, or just stuck and wont load the web interface I guess. What is the current DSM version that is working without issues? I've seen confirmed update with this motherboard and I just don't get it, someone can't reboot because network lost, and somone is using it without issues...how?