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  1. Hello, just a question, i did not see it working anywhere but i would like to verify by myself... Is there a way to hace hyper-v nic to work? I tried some days ago and i finally moved to VirtualBox since i was not able to get any lan to work, i tried dda to passthrough nics but i dont know if still need to do something on guest or my AMD platform has some virtualization issues with hyper-v.
  2. silver251

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    As far as I know during kernel compilation there's a parameter to set maximum number of cores, I tried a couple of times (not so much tbh) and I was not able even to boot so I left that aside. Would be great to increase it to, for example, 16 since it is a number more easily achieved nowadays, I still have there a threadripper 1950x collecting dust... That would be great to use for VMs in xpenology. I know that there are better solutions as unraid or esxi... But I don't have so much time to spend configuring... I feel so happy with that easy approach (since now I am far from home and I can not put my hands on new projects). Please note I enjoy so much xpenology and I would like to thank you all collaborators, is still my 24/7 server.
  3. silver251

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello sorry if my question is quite noob or it is not the place. I've been using dsm now for a couple of years and I keep sacling up my main server and i think i got stucked in default limits specified by kernel. I moved from an i7 ES to a TR1950X but kernel is limited by default to 8 cores, Is there a way I can get more? I know is related with a parameter in kernel before compiling but I was not able to boot when I tried to compile a zImage. I am running 918+ loader and DSM 6.2.2-24922 Thank you for the help.
  4. Hello, I was trying to follow it and i did not get any way to boot, i was wandering if there's a way to get 16cores/32threads as max cpu num, i know is a parameter inside kernel but when i tried my server does not get to boot, i dont know if it is the version, the release i am trying... but I am on latest synology software and loader. Thank you.