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  1. This is be cause u created the wrong vmdk files! It has to have both files to show in vmware
  2. U sir are amazing maluch appreciated
  3. U need to give more info, why do u have two controllers! A i recall, it's typically 0:0 and 0:1 then rest of ur drivers can follows 0:2 upwards
  4. Are you runing in vmware? if so have you removed the cd/dvd rom? also best option is to delete the whole boot image and re-upload it and try again! set it to sata 0:0
  5. Ok so if anyone interested, The bootloader that support this by default is! 1.02b and 1.04b (latest dam 6.2.1 update 4 works well )
  6. Also note you need to match the dsm file to the bootloader!
  7. Do this, this is quite simple, create a vm with exsi switch to manual mac and copy that mac to grub. User the bootloader 1.03b and latest dsm it works without any issues! Use the dhcp server to see what IP address it has taken or try using assistant, but in some large network it cant pickup the dsm running in the network!
  8. Hi Guys, Can someone help me out, i tried installing xpenolgy with the following scenarios but nothing seems to help obtain an ip address! i am not sure bootloader supports realtek GBE nic in the unit! Jun's Loader V1.03b ds3615 and ds3617 (Not Obtaining IP Address) V1.04b ds918 (Not Obtaining IP Address) I have set the mac and vid/pid also, not sure what else to do! DHCP Server is running without issues, i can get everything working in vCenter / Exsi Server 6.5/6.7 Do i have to add drivers etc? if so how do i do it?
  9. Hey thanks, i changed it in vmware device sections! much appreciate your info! i honestly was reading in the mobile so i didnt see, thx so much mate!
  10. Hey Guys, I figured it out! I have to set all drive to be taken as sata, when it is scsi it only takes the first two drives!
  11. Yes, if works in the freenas vm, also I tried in another VMware exsi server same result! When I add 4 drives 2 dk t get detected, only first 2 appears!
  12. Guys need some help, I installed and everything went perfectly, but a small issues, I added 4 drives but only 2 shoes up in drive manager. All drives works in freenas. Loder 1.03b Diajstation 6.2 VMware 6.5 RDM Drives Any help would be much appreciated
  13. Hi Guys, P.s Total Noob to XPEnology, I am having an a few issues if anyone can shed some light on these! 1) i have successful installed DSM 6.1 booloder and os runing on vMware 6.5 and everything seem to work but i have 4 mapped RDM disks and only the first two gets directed, the last 2 don't get detected, but i tried in freenas all gets detected! is their anything specific i need to do? i kind of know this this supports 12 disks, cuz it shows the slots! All using one scasi controller from 0:0 to 0:3 Please help! 2) i was trying to install DSM 6