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Found 8 results

  1. A little help for everyone who struggles a little bit with enabling the serial console in ESXi. This manual works 1:1: in short: # at ESXi: open Firewall for serial Console # at VM: add Serial Port 1 - Use Network - Connect at Power - Direction: Server - Port URI: telnet://:8601 In PuTTY the connection will be made as: Type: Telnet Hostname: IP-of-your-ESXi-Host Port: The-port-you-entered-in-the-config-of-t
  2. I am trying to run Win10 or Android VM on my XPEnology but it keeps giving me these error messages.
  3. Hi, did anybody manage to start a VM from the Synology Virtual Machine Manager? Im on Junes 1.02b @DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4. Tried it with an N54L and an intel xeon custom build (bare metal). On both maschines, i couldnt start any created VM. On N54L the message is not enough memory (have 8GB installed) on the Xeon build it only says that starting the VM failed. Would be soooo awesome to get this work. Any information about that would be apriciated TIA, the Wurst
  4. Hello everyone. Brand new on this forum and on playing with esxi. I set up jun's loader and get two DSM 6.1 running. Why two? I have a raid volume ( hardware, lsi) and want to secure there my pictures. Regarding music and films , I dont care much loosing it , so a simple volume would be ok. Not finding to do it with 1 DSM, I thought installing two, one with RAID volume and the other , the basic one. The problem is that I see on the net the first one installed, and the second one ( installed with OVF) doesnot show up . The MAC address for both is the same. I
  5. Dear all, I was installing mine Xpenology with manuals and files from pigr8 All went fine, until 1st reboot. Afer reboot i lost RAID group and Volume. When Xpenology boot without RAID group and Volume, i can easybuild RAID group again and create Volume and it will work again untill 1st reboot (normaly if there were any data, all is lost). The RAID group and Volume creatad on VMware virtual disk won't diapear after restart:
  6. Greetings everyone... I was just hoping someone might know where I can find Jun's most up-to-date loader files (1.02b is the most current at the time of writing) for VMWare Workstation. I am currently using 1.02a, and I'm concerned about doing the current DSM update while not having the freshest of loader files. Unfortunately, all I can find are iso and img files, which aren't used for Workstation. Any one have a link or something that they could share, that way I can safely update my rig? Thanks in advance! Tom
  7. Hi, - I have a DVB-Sat-Card in my System - Until yet i have used ESXI on my System and 2 VMs 1. XPEnology 2. VDR Server - With latest DSM we have a QEMU based VM inside the Synology My Idea is Stopping my ESXI Project and Using XPEnology as Baremetal with the Buildin Synology VM The project stops on the point that Synology has not enabled Passthrough. But based on the knowledge they use QEMU / libvirt it should be possible to mod the VM config files Has Anybody tried to modify the Settings of GUI generated virtual machines with modding t
  8. Hi everyone I am a little bit lost reading all forums and tutorials, where people which take some assumptions for granted don't bother to explain the basics. So first let me explain where I am right now and where I've come from. First I was considering buying the NAS device from the shop. #SYNOLOGY At first, I was considering buying Synology NAS. What I liked about it was the simplicity of DSM, the flexibility of SHR, the idea of private cloud available from everywhere and mobile apps to support it. I was considering buying 4+ bay NAS