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  1. Hey all Anyone heard from @pocopico lately? He / she has always been very active but not of late. Hoping its not another disappearance similar to TTG.
  2. @pocopico - Took me a while to get back to this as life got in the way. I have checked the disks and get the following detail. Based on this detail, they don't seem to match what my disk config shows, should / can I use the command you provided or should I look to do something different? Any pointers from you or the community would be great. Other than this one issue, everything else is running great and stable.
  3. I got the same error as you when used the satamap script to try and determine what I had. In the end I had to manually change the satamap to =1 and left the other value (diskidxmap) I think it was to 00. Once I did that then the install went as planned. pocopico has advised a few people to try that and it appears to have got a lot of them going.
  4. Sorry but can you clarify you drop into TinyCore loader GUI and then do a backup from there and then just run the command sudo ./ update now Or is there another step that is required?
  5. Anyone seen this issue before since migrating to DSM7 and any guidance on what I can try to do to resolve it?
  6. I have upgraded today and am now running Apollolake 7.0.1-42218. I have got Plex MS up and running and have repaired other packages that needed it. Python fails to update but I believe Python is an issue anyway in DSM7. One thing that has happened is that I have lost the ability to connect to Sonarr, Radarr or NZBGet which I run via Docker. (EDIT - I actually see these packages are available via the SynoCommunity repo so would I be better off just to stop the Docker containers and instead install the packages from SC? I used to them ages ago but they weren't being regularyl u
  7. Do you need to be running 6.2.4 to be able to go to 7 or can you be on 6.2.3 and then still make that jump?
  8. Curious if anyone can provide some guidance if this is possible: Currently running 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 via Jun's loader on baremetal. I would like to get to V7 but would like to try and do that by converting to Proxmox in ther process. I have a second PC that is identical in terms of mobo / processor that I could use if required as part of this conversion (assuming it's possible of course). The eventual aim is to have this virtual instance running on the original source system because that is running in a tower case (the target I could use is a SFF PC which
  9. I think this is where it would be ideal if some sort of tutorial could be drafted for the masses. I know that RP is still classed as Alpha and in theory for people with some experience, but I think that if there was a guide that could be followed then people who are willing to give it a go can do so. This would reduce the potential of image sharing. Of course any guide would be up to the end user to follow and if they didn't get it right then there could be no comeback. We should all be adult enough to run with the consequences in the event something went awry. Just my
  10. What are people using to make that backup? And is it a full system backup including all files? Just curious how people would anticipate performing a full recovery in the event things went pear shaped.
  11. In the past there have been various people asking for guides on how exactly all this works. There was (understandable) reluctance at the time based on where things were with development and the potential for tool that was (maybe) under development. I know this 120 page thread has detail scattered throughout it that can help end users but is it worth while trying to produce a guide for the uninitiated (of which I would say I am one). No dramas if not but just throwing it out there.
  12. Does anyone who has been working with TTG know where they currently are with development? Last major update indicated they were working on a tool to simplify things and that was aiming to be out as a beta. Just wondering if I have missed an update since then.
  13. All was just a thought to try and prevent people getting annoyed with others who have possibly missed something in the preceding pages. There are a lot of eyes awaiting the beta release. Me included!
  14. Hey all This thread is indeed HUUUUGE and to read through the lot (which I have done as I have been following since its inception), is a massively tall order. Would there be any value in having a separate, locked thread (apart from the key contributors), whereby some of the gold nuggets of info could be documented and referenced for everyone who may have arrived to the party quite late??? Just a thought and happy to be shot down if it's not a beneficial thing to look at. Cheers and keep up the outstanding work to those with the skills to do so.
  15. Did you upgrade from a previous version of 6.* or a fresh install straight to 7? What steps did you follow to get to 7 (whichever way you achieved that)?
  16. Whilst you mention this fixed things up for ESXi, does anyone know if its a similar process / requirement for Proxmox? I am going to be using Proxmox for the first time (ever) on a test PC that I have so knowing the key pieces would be great. Great work from all involved in getting things this far
  17. Can I ask what you are backing up to, how you are backing it up and is it everything on your NAS including (potentially) music, movies, pics, TV etc etc or just the main OS install and associated config?
  18. I am looking to given Proxmox a run out and jump from baremetal to virtual. This will be my first foray into running Xpenology on virtual. Does anyone have any links to good tutorials that can be followed on the best options to use for configuring things from the outset?
  19. "it means the boot device is not properly mounted. in that case you should share again the boot device, config, check pid/vid and grub config, etc." So basically its a case of trial and error with a USB stick and then re-burning the image and then trying a different USB port each time perhaps?
  20. @pocopicoIt looks like I do not have synoboot in the directory structure. Any ideas how I rectify that?
  21. Got there in the end. Just working out the rest now....Linux isn't my strong point.
  22. @pocopico - I can telnet to the box and have managed to get in with root. I will see what I can find.