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  1. Can I ask a quick q on this please. What OS were you using to craft the image in the first place and get your loader operating successfully? I have a spare Optiplex 9020 that I am thinking to re-purpose for this instead of using my windows based surface. It would be convenient to re-purpose as the Optiplex has the same hardware in it that my actual Prod Xpenology NAS is running as I secured 2 of them when work was relocating. I would be planning to use it as a dual purpose test bed. Jun's loader worked with no issues on that hardware and the OS comes up as a 918+. From
  2. Does that mean you are running Plex Server on the Shield and Xpenology is just serving the storage side of things?
  3. Hi all I am looking to replace my N54L with a newer, more powerful unit. I don't have new drives to put in so I will be moving the 3 existing units into the new system. Is there a specific process to do this or is it as simple as copying Jun's loader from my current setup onto a spare USB stick, moving the HDD's into the new system and then booting the new hardware? Thanks