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  1. No, but I haven't really tried to be honest. It is not a feature I need.
  2. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior to update: DSM 6.2.1-23824 update 6 - Loader version and model: Jun v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asrock H370M-ITX/ac - i5-8400 Additional Notes: Reboot required after update. I never used the second NIC -so haven't tested it.
  3. Have you looked at this? You might have to change a few things in your BIOS depending on the hardware you use. I haven't had much luck with generated serials, I would suggest you try getting it working with only changing the VID/PID until it boots. If my memory serves me right, the serial/mac is only important, if you need to use hardware decoding.
  4. I didn't really do much. I use the 1.04b image, change VID/PID and the serial number/mac address from a real Synology device. I am not sure if serial and mac address is necessary. I think that was it.
  5. I am using a USB2.0 stick, which is plugged in to a USB3.0 port. I haven't done anything special, except changing the S/N, VID/PID in the cfg. I had problems with one of my USB sticks, so you could try another USB stick, and see if that helps..
  6. I never got both NICs working. I am not entirely sure how to do, but I tried adding a second MAC to the cfg file, but that wasn't enough. As I don't really need the feature, I haven't tried more than that.
  7. I have had a a couple of IPs blocked in my DSM within the last couple of hours, so I was looking into additional security in DSM, and stumpled upon 2-step verification. I use 2FA in other places, so adding it to DSM as well seems like a good idea. The question is, does this feature rely on Synologys server sending out emails or generate the initial code to use in the authentication app? In other words, does this work with XPEnology?
  8. If I boot without disk 1, then it boots as it should. Then I tried switching the disk 1 (new) and disk 2, so I have the new empty drive in disk 2, and disk 2 is in disk 1 slot now. Then it booted without problems, and it is now rebuilding the array.
  9. I am running SHR with BTRFS. I will try the other things when I get back home.
  10. My XPEnology is/was running with: Disk 1: 2 TB Disk 2: 6 TB Disk 3: 6 TB Disk 4: 2 TB I was having bad sectors on one of the older 2TB drives, so I am gonna replace them. First I shut down the server, and replaced disk 4 with another drive. DSM came up with a "degraded" storage pool, just as expected. I added the new drive to storage pool and repaired it. Everything looks good. Now running with a 2TB drive in disk 1, and the rest is 6TB drives. This morning I was trying to replace disk 1 following the same procedure. After replacing the dri
  11. @ed_co I have just tried installing 918+, and with a SN and mac adress from a real Synology, I am able to do offline transcoding in DS Video. When I do play something that hasn't been transcoded (offline) on my iphone or in a browser, then the CPU usage goes up by 20%, so I am not sure that HW transcoding actually works properly.
  12. I did it a few days ago. I tested that I had a configuration that worked using a spare disk. Then I installed all the drives from my Synology, and I got the option to migrate. I did that, and it worked.
  13. No, not out of the box anyway. The build is quite new, so I haven't had time to test everything yet. Do you know, if I need to change anything in the grub.cfg to get the second NIC working?
  14. Someone mentioned in another thread of mine, that it could be a pain to get hw transcoding working, and that the CPU had enough resources to do the transcoding anyway. I haven't been able to figure out what other differences there where between the 918+ and the 3617xs - or are there no differences?
  15. It also looks like the hard drives power consumption is higher than you mentioned: The 6TB IronWolf uses 7.2w which idle. I have two of them, and a third one on the way.