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  1. Be sure to turn off 2FA before performing these steps.
  2. Trying determining what is listening on that port - https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/what-process-has-open-linux-port/ Did you choose the option to use the default ports when setting up Bitwarden?
  3. @Binkem the DS216 may not be able to handle it due to the limited amount of RAM as mine is is using around 500 MB. Here are my stats...not as high memory util as @shrabok though:
  4. In order to access the Bitwarden Admin site on the Synology you will need to perform the following: Modify the bitwarden-admin container Stop the container. Click on Edit Click on the Port Settings tab Add the following settings Local port - 8124 Container port - 5000 Type - TCP Click Apply Start the container Modify the reverse proxy settings via SSH SSH into your Synology Server Change to this directory: /usr/local/etc/nginx/conf.d Create a file in this director (i.e., www.rproxy.bw_admin.conf) Add the following content location ~ /admin/ { proxy_pass http://localhost:8124; } Save the file and test the configuration. The following should return "Syntax is OK" and "Test is successful" nginx -T > /tmp/nginx.conf Restart nginx nginx -s reload Now bwitwarden.url/admin should redirect you to the appropriate page where you can login with an admin account.
  5. Good writeup. There are a couple of "corrections" or changes since this has been created: 1. There is a mismatch in this command as it starts out log and then moves to logs: command: mkdir bwdata/log bwdata/log/admin bwdata/log/api bwdata/logs/identity bwdata/logs/mssql bwdata/logs/nginx 2. Instead of running ./bitwarden.sh setup it is now ./bitwarden.sh start Addition: To update run ./bitwarden.sh updateself and then ./bitwarden.sh update