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  1. In order to access the Bitwarden Admin site on the Synology you will need to perform the following: Modify the bitwarden-admin container Stop the container. Click on Edit Click on the Port Settings tab Add the following settings Local port - 8124 Container port - 5000 Type - TCP Click Apply Start the container Modify the reverse proxy settings via SSH SSH into your Synology Server Change to this directory: /usr/local/etc/nginx/conf.d Create a file in this director (i.e., www.rproxy.bw_admin.conf) Add the following content location ~ /admin/ { proxy_pass http://localhost:8124; } Save the file and test the configuration. The following should return "Syntax is OK" and "Test is successful" nginx -T > /tmp/nginx.conf Restart nginx nginx -s reload Now bwitwarden.url/admin should redirect you to the appropriate page where you can login with an admin account.
  2. Good writeup. There are a couple of "corrections" or changes since this has been created: 1. There is a mismatch in this command as it starts out log and then moves to logs: command: mkdir bwdata/log bwdata/log/admin bwdata/log/api bwdata/logs/identity bwdata/logs/mssql bwdata/logs/nginx 2. Instead of running ./bitwarden.sh setup it is now ./bitwarden.sh start Addition: To update run ./bitwarden.sh updateself and then ./bitwarden.sh update