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  1. For those, who wants to passtrough several harddrives, please just buy a sata controller 4/6 ports (20$ - 30$ , check in this forum for compatible an positive feedback) and then just passthrough this "sata controller" card to the VM with proxmox. This way, all your disks : - will be compatible to real synology hardware, in case of you may plan to migrate to it in the future - will be able to perform SMART test and get SMART info/error (and temp) from Xpenology - I think sleep/hibernate HDD works better and save you electric ... Well, just go for it if you plan to use it as our main N
  2. I did few quick tests and it doesn't work for me either.
  3. You can ignore this, but if you want to be sure about network speed you can test with iperf (check post before)
  4. Maybe, try to read the article website I just gave you ... and you should find your answer for usb disk at least. But sata disk, i'm not sure how to find vid/pid if it exists.
  5. As I said in my posts before, I cannot run a 918+ vm with my hardware ... so i wasn't really able to test or troubleshoot this one. So i dont know for ds918+ vm, but I know virtio works pretty good on ds3615xs. But to check if virtio network speed, you can test with iperf3 between the host and vm. You can find iperf spk here:
  6. Well I not really knows for bootloader as sata disk, maybe it works the same as usb ... but with bootloader as usb disk, you will need to change vid/pid to match the usb disk bootloader to be able to get the update working. You can find instruction how to change to usb disk bootloader, or how to change vid/pid and SN in this website:
  7. Well I found this tutorial which explains how to install xpenology dsm 6.2.3 on proxmox that may interest you: For hdd hotplug: I've never used hotplug disk so cannot really help on it. It may be working with a passtrough controller disk device which support hotplug and recognised by xpenology. I saw a option "HddHotplug=0" in the grub.cfg that may be needed to be changed to make it work. For 10Gb nic : You can do a passtrough device if you want a dedicated nic to xpenology
  8. To make it easier, and you can now find this repository all jun's bootloaders with virtio/9p loaded for all dsm version: - synoboot_103b_ds3615xs_virtio_9p.img - synoboot_103b_ds3617xs_virtio_9p.img - synoboot_104b_ds918plus_virtio_9p.img HTH
  9. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.7 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615XS with virtio/9p loaded - Using custom extra.lzma: Yes, v0.11_test by IG88 - Installation type: VM - Proxmox 6.2-11 with PCI sata controller passtrough (with 4 disks attached) - Additional Comment: Bootloader boot as usb disk, Migration with keeping setting/data BREAKS my xpenology (maybe coz of chroot and other tiers apps) but it works back well once I did a new install migration with keeping data only (so needed to reinstall all apps)
  10. Ok, great ... I just upgraded my vm xpenology ds3615xs dsm 6.1 with pci sata controller passtrough (4 disks attached to it) to dsm 6.2.3. Got some trouble with migration (keeping setting and data) which was slow/freezing and unreliable ... but it works great once I did a new install Migration resetting setting to default with keeping data only. Just painful that I still need to reinstall all apps and all stuffs. Indeed, for ds918+, I got old 6 yo AMD FX-8320E to run my VMs and it didnt work. But I can make work this ds918+ docker in a i7 linux laptop from this thread . So maybe, you're
  11. Don't take this msg seriously. If it's virtio, it can go higher than 10Gbs from vm to vm. First, it's better to check before on this forum to know if the update is working for your system. For minor update, it normally can be done directly with web gui like in normal synology For major update, if the bootloader still works with new dsm version, then it can be done as normal update. If bootloader does not work, then need to get a working bootloader and change the bootloader ... then do a migration update ( same as you change synology machine). I
  12. Ok thanks. I mainly use ds3615xs but I will do and test the others when i got some spare time.
  13. I created a proxmox backup template for ds3615xs with virtio drivers added and based on timonych's one. It can be downloaded here: This is the configuration of this backup: Virtio_net network seems to work fine and it can reach 13Gbits/s on my host rig. Virtio_blk seems to work as well, but disk are not recognised by dsm ... and it doesn't really matter because up to some test( on ssd drive) sata disk are as fast as virtio disk. I haven't tried pci/disk passtrough, but it sho
  14. I dont know, you cannot choose PCI controller in Proxmox but you can choose SCSI controller. Well it doesn't really matter now as disk performance is almost the same in virtio or not. Or maybe my ssd disk, where virtual drives are stored, is not fast enough to make appearing any perf difference.
  15. Only 4 virtual disks: - Sata0 : bootloader : 50MB - Sata1 : Dsm OS : 6GB - Virtio2 : Disk : 16GB - Scsci3 : Disk : 32GB (on virtio_scsi) Just did some dd speed test between disks, and I cannot see any significant speed improvement actually. LoL (Read: 545 MB/s , Write: 63.5 MB/s) So better using virtual sata disk which is recognised by dsm.