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  1. Today I did some research: - booted DSM 6.x from usb flash - installed DSM - rebooted - after reboot could not found by synology assistant - did hard reset and after it the pc started to shut itself down - booted DSM 5.2.x from usb flash to see booting process progress - no errors appeared - installed DSM - rebooted - after reboot pc hang at Post init. After some while the error appeared: synowebapi_SYNO.Core.Storage.Volume_1_list[18993]: APIRunner.cpp:976 WARNING: setresgid(0, 0, 0) synowebapi_SYNO.Core.Storage.Volume_1_list[18993]: APIRunner.cpp:977 WARNING: setres
  2. Today I tested: - enable com port - nothing changed - disable power settings - nothing changed - reinstall DSM - nothing changed - sometimes I managed to start to "ready state" and after it pc shuted down itself Is any possibility to get some kind of boot log or com port output for debugging?
  3. - No, the NAS doesn't boot to "rady state". - The power problem it should not be because I ran this comuputer all night when cleaned disks (dd_rescue /dev/zero > /dev/sda) - there is about 50 W of consuption - I have disabled all power settings options included Intel speedstep etc. - Serial ports are disabled - could it be the problem? When I tested it in Virtualbox, it ran without serial ports.
  4. I successfully installed xpenology DSM for DS916+ on my computer. But there is strange behaviour. If I turn on the compueter, xpenology starts but after some while it shut down itself. If I use Synology assistant I can see "service starting" status. I have MB Asrock N3050M with 4 GB of RAM and 2x WD Black HDD each 4 TB. In grub.cfg I just changed MAC (I added the mac of my physical LAN) and PID/VID of boot flash disk. What can be wrong? Some bios settings?
  5. I think, we can close this thread as solved. Thank you for help. How can I mark it as "solved"?
  6. Sorry, I'm new here - what proper code tags do you mean? I just copy and paste logs content. I have read the topic you mentioned. Here is a summary of my research: Working machine (Intel Core i7 4702MQ @ 2.20GHz Haswell 22nm Technology): DS916+ works - but cpu must be configured like 2 core. With one core it was unstable. It is strange that it works on Haswell family DS3615xs works DS3617xs works Not working machine I (Intel Core i5 2500 @ 3.30GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology): DS916+ doesn't work DS3615xs works DS3617xs w
  7. I did as you suggested. I created a dump through serial port on virtualbox on each machine. It seems that on other machines is a problem connected to CPU. It seems like a kernel panic. But I have no idea how to solve it. The configuration of both virtualbox is identical. Any idea? Here is a dump from working machine and below from not working machine: Logs - Working machine [H[J[1;1H[?25l[m[H[J[1;1H[2;21HGNU GRUB version 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.9 [m[4;2H+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+[5;2
  8. 1. Yes, I use the same MAC on both machines. Because there was suggestion that in virtualbox must be set the same MAC as found in synology assistant. But if I checked DHCP address lease list in my router, there was no MAC asociated with assigned IP address (IP was assigned but in MAC column were zeros) I tried exported appliance in a different network and location (to avoid double MAC influence) and there was the same behaviour (not found). Is there a way how to change default MAC of the bootloader so that I could use more xpenology in one network? 2. Is there
  9. Hello, I tried to install DSM 6.x with bootloader ver. 1.02b on virtualbox. Everything went fine but only on one compuer. I have those problems: 1. I created a virtual xpenology on my laptop (Lenovo, network card Realtec), booted it, it was found by synology assistant. But when I exported the virtual appliance (I wanted to use it on another computer) and imported it on another computer, the nework didn't work at all. I booted bootloader without problem, but could not find it by synology assistant. It seems to me, that there is a problem with networking. I compared virtualbox