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  1. It's not political. The person who developed the loader lost interest in maintaining it. He won't release the source code for the loader. If he would release the source code I am sure someone else could keep it current.
  2. If you can't get what I am trying to say I suggest you move on to troll some other thread.
  3. No kidding, I am fully aware of that issue. I just wanted to point out Synology limits what version you can install (that I was not aware of). So what happens when the minimum dated install is 6.2.4, that is what I am talking about.
  4. I recently bought 5 new WD Red+ drives for my TheCUS running DSM 6.2.3.x. When I redid the install I knew 6.2.4 would not work. When I tried to load 6.2.3.whatever that was on my PC I got a message that the minimum version that could be installed was So what happens if a few months from now the minimum install is 6.2.4? Now how do we build a NAS using DSM? I tried blocking the IP of my TheCUS from going out the Internet and was surprised to find out even using a manual install the installation does not work. It requires a connection back to Synology to install DSM. I could
  5. Outcome of the update: UNSUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM Update 2 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: TheCUS N5550 - Notes: Would not complete install, system still worked
  6. Something seemed too obvious to me and sure enough I got part of it figured out. Something is changing the USB stick contents! The 0000/0000 stick would no longer install DSM. I took it back to the Windows PC and rewrote the image. Stuck it back in the TheCUS and DSM loaded with no issues.
  7. This makes zero sense. I tried installing a fresh copy of DSM with the 1111/1111 and got error 13. I pulled the USB and stuck the 0000/0000 in there and got error 13. What really concerns me is I cannot install DSM 6.2.4 on any of my TheCUS's it won't work. If you try and install anything less than it won't let you. It apparently is going out the Internet and checking something. So I blocked the IP for the TheCUS in the firewall to not allow any Internet and then the install won't even run! So if Synology would bite the dust someday we cannot reinstall the OS.
  8. Changed the PID=1111 VID=1111, boots and works no issues. I did not try and load DSM, it took the current disk, did a recovery, rebooted to DSM
  9. I got the name wrong, they are Transcend USB sticks. Not that it should matter but I'm still royally confused over the whole thing. It got more confusing when I pulled the working drives and wanted to build DSM on a single drive for some testing. With the Sandisk USB it refused to load DSM, always spitting out error 13, file corrupt. Yet with the other drives it works. ???? After several tries and reading that many times the error 13 is the PID/VID I got crazy and said let's see what happens if I set the PID=0000 and the VID=0000 in the grub.cfg. It worked, I was
  10. I ran into a really weird issue recently. I have qty 3 TheCUS N5550's running DSM 6.x using Jun's loader 1.03b. I used one of these NAS drives to stream movies to Kodi, it works perfectly. I decided to take another TheCUS N5550 and it would constantly stutter trying to play any video on Kodi or a Windows PC. I then tried a 3rd TheCUS N5550 and it had the same problem. So why did one work and two did not? I went through all the settings and everything was identical. They are all plugged into the same network switch. The only difference was two of the three TheCUS's had Cruzer
  11. A couple of updates. DSM 6.2.4.x does not work. I also updated one of my N5550's today with WD Red Plus 12TB drives. The hardware sees the drives. Only minor issue is the mounting screws don't line up with trays. You can secure each drive with two screws only.
  12. You are not copying the correct file. Have you use OSFMount to modify the grub.cfg for MAC address, VID/PID and serial numbers?
  13. I tried the 3615xs on my TheCus N5550 and no go. It was a spare so no loss.
  14. The only issue that I don't like about those fan mods are is how long is it going to last before a DSM update comes along and steps on the changes that were made?