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  1. It's booting off the stick, it has to stay.
  2. Stick a keyboard and monitor on the NAS, get it into the bios and disable UEFI.
  3. Those numbers are unique to the brand of the USB stick.
  4. I got burned 3x in a row with TheCUS software not being able to handle a single drive failure, all 3x I lost the array on a single disk failure. When I got DSM loaded, I simulated a disk failure by pulling a drive and everything worked as expected. DSM is rock solid on the TheCUS.
  5. Yes, it uses drives 2-6. Works fine. None of the displays or LED's work on the TheCUS.
  6. It's pretty standard, Jun's loader 1.03b. In the BIOS disable UEFI boot. Open the case and remove the boot card, it's purple in color and labeled MDS. That's the TheCUS software. Then follow the steps for Jun's loader. I used 3615xs DSM.
  7. Yes I have two TheCUS N5550 NAS units running DSM 6.2.2. The 2nd one was sitting in my closet for a few years now, I am going to assume some dust got in the RJ45 jack which caused the network to go offline. My 1st one has been running for over almost a year now with no issues. I use it for streaming media to my Kodi server.
  8. Problem solved. Apparently I have a bad patch cord or a RJ45 jack issue. I noticed the LED's were not blinking on the back of the hardware, I wiggled the cable and I can see the NAS.
  9. I don't get it, I loaded the latest update to DSM, booted and it worked fine. I made two changes after the update, added a share and configured a network UPS. I copied about 5tb to the array, no issues. I decided to reboot it today just to make sure everything is ok and it won't boot. can't find it and neither can their Windows app. I am using Jun's loaded 1.03b. I confirmed the BIOS settings are correct. Not sure what else to do? I tried selecting reinstall from the Jun's loader menu but it can't see that either.
  10. It's not an issue at this point. I got Jun's loader to work. My 5.x system was using a different loader (not Jun's). With Jun's loader I had to disable UEFI in the bios which solved the problem. I was able to load DSM 6.2.
  11. I am curious if there are any utilities out there to replace firmware on Seagate desktop hard drives to get the 'NAS' version on them.
  12. I upgraded a TheCus N5550 NAS from 5.x to 6.2 using Jun's 1.03b loader. All went ok, no errors but I have no default gateway so it can't get out to the Internet. FYI I have another N5550 that was a fresh install with DSM 6.2 and that works perfectly. The upgrade caused the issue with the other N5550. Control Panel, Network, General is all blank. If I try and edit the default gateway it won't give me an option to enter a gateway. If I try and click the Network Interface tab it just hangs.
  13. I was just curious where it gets installed to. I have the system working. I just found it odd that the stick would not boot to network after the install. It gave me the impression that something wrote to the USB drive.
  14. gquiring

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Successful install on a TheCus N5550 NAS with 1.03b 3615xs I turned off the UEFI Bios and you have to remove the 1gig boot card inside the TheCus Running DSM 6.2.2-24922