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  1. It's not an issue at this point. I got Jun's loader to work. My 5.x system was using a different loader (not Jun's). With Jun's loader I had to disable UEFI in the bios which solved the problem. I was able to load DSM 6.2.
  2. I am curious if there are any utilities out there to replace firmware on Seagate desktop hard drives to get the 'NAS' version on them.
  3. I upgraded a TheCus N5550 NAS from 5.x to 6.2 using Jun's 1.03b loader. All went ok, no errors but I have no default gateway so it can't get out to the Internet. FYI I have another N5550 that was a fresh install with DSM 6.2 and that works perfectly. The upgrade caused the issue with the other N5550. Control Panel, Network, General is all blank. If I try and edit the default gateway it won't give me an option to enter a gateway. If I try and click the Network Interface tab it just hangs.
  4. I was just curious where it gets installed to. I have the system working. I just found it odd that the stick would not boot to network after the install. It gave me the impression that something wrote to the USB drive.
  5. gquiring

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Successful install on a TheCus N5550 NAS with 1.03b 3615xs I turned off the UEFI Bios and you have to remove the 1gig boot card inside the TheCus Running DSM 6.2.2-24922
  6. I am wondering how the DSM product gets installed. I am puzzled because I can build a USB stick that is bootable and is seen by but after I install DSM the stick is no longer seen with I have to reimage the USB stick to make it seen again. Does anything actually get written to the USB stick during the install process?
  7. I'm glad they kept the XPEnoboot links going. Jun's loader does not work on TheCus N5550 but the XPEnoboot works perfectly. I only get DSM 5.2 but it's worlds better than what TheCus gives you. I wish the developer of XPEnoboot would continue their development. It's so much cleaner install, not dealing with PID/VID USB numbers, MAC address and the console shows you exactly what's going on. Jun's loader gives you no indicators what is wrong. It's very frustrating.
  8. I had a working 5.x boot. I created a new USB stick for 6.x. It's not working at all with 6.x. I would like to see the grub.cfg file on my working USB drive. When I insert the drive in Win 10 it does not assign a drive letter. Is there a utility that I could use to mount the drive or image the drive so I can mount the image with OSFmount.
  9. I was able to get Jun's loader to work by disabling EFI in my BIOS. I loaded DSM 6. Can I do updates from Syn or not?
  10. gquiring

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I finally am able to get the Jun loader to see my NIC. I disabled the EFI in my bios and now it sees it. I'm confused on the next step. Do I select a manual install of DSM or do I get the .PAT file from here? I don't see any of the DSM 6 images.
  11. I also missed those + signs with the drivers listed in Jun's loader. I'm really puzzled now because he does list my NIC (Intel 82574L). I have verified the MAC address, VID and PID several times and I cannot get his loader to obtain an IP address with my router. Using the same hardware with the DSM 5.2 loader works fine. Is the documentation correct for the mac1 address? Does it possibly need to be quoted? Is there any debug mode that can be turned on for more output messages?
  12. I cannot get Jun's loader to work with my Intel 82574L NIC. The DHCP shows as inactive. I have checked my MAC address and vid/pid, can't figure what I am missing.
  13. gquiring

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Is there is a hardware list for Jun's loader? I cannot get it to see my NIC. If I boot with a 5.2 loader it says it's using the Intel e1000e driver.
  14. gquiring

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I am trying this on an Intel 82574L NIC. Is that supported? The hardware is a TheCUS N5550 NAS. It works fine with DSM 5.2. When I try this loader the DHCP server is not showing an active session with my MAC address.
  15. I built the USB loader per the instruction but find my synology and their tool are not finding it. I am using a TheCUS N5550 NAS. The USB boots up ok. The NIC is an Intel 82574L. Is that supported?