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  1. Synology isn't loading anymore. I shut the system down to install another hdd and after a reboot I can't access the control panel or any shares. I tried taking the HDD out but still nothing.
  2. Gen8 using 1.02a2 DS36157xs put the VID, PID, SN generator and MAC into grub.cfg using blank drives I keep getting error 13. 1.02a works with same grub settings but DS3615xs loader + PAT.
  3. Is it possible to get drivers for this stick on DSM 5.2-5967?
  4. Managed to boot into Ubuntu and mounted the drives, everything seems to be there. Is there any way to reset synology from ubuntu so I can reinstall the OS?
  5. I tried to log in via SSH to NAS that was working fine yesterday and it said access denied so I rebooted the machine properly but when it rebooted it stuck at post init and I can't press any keys. I booted into upgrade/install to try and reinstall the OS and same again stuck at post init. I rebooted into debug and there is a screen full of errors such as: tty main process (10861) terminataed with status 6 error.c:219: Assertion failed in _nih_error_raise_system: errno > 0 I can't scroll up to see what the first thing that errored out was. Is there any way of rescuing th
  6. TVHeadend wont scan HD frequencies, is there anything I have to do to enable T2 mode? It finds all of the SD channels but wont scan HD.
  7. Holy crap I spent 6+ hours today trying to get things working. You link a package and it's detected instantly. Thank you so much.
  8. Just checked the USB IDs and it seems it matches the Geniatech T230 not T220. Is it possible to just copy the fw files into /lib/firmware or does it need something else? Just had a quick look at your backported drivers, there are no fw for Si2168-B40 or Si2158-A20 which is the Demodulator and Tuner respectively. Copied the fw files in, set permissions and rebooted xpenology and its still not being registered. I moved the ports for my wireless keyboard dongle just in case but it's not the USB port. [ 58.660959] usb 7-
  9. Thats a bit too complicated for me, thanks anyway.
  10. @dszego I've extracted your files to root and rebooted xpenology, loaded video station and dmesg|grep dvb shows nothing. My stick is an August T210 which is a rebranded Geniatech T220 which apparently uses the same USBIDs. It has Sony CXD2820r chip which is the same as the PCTV 290e. When I plug it in and dmesg it doesn't say anything other than: [ 505.558040] usb 7-3: new high-speed USB device number 3 using ehci_hcd According to linux tv it is supported in Kernel 3.14. ... 0-for.html Dunno if this helps at all?
  11. How do I upgrade from Gnoboot 4458 u2 to Nanoboot 4493? I'm scared about losing everything.
  12. I don't use any kind of raid on the mobo, the drives are just plugged into any old SATA port and configured the pool in Storage Manager.
  13. My motherboard has gone faulty in the NAS and the board is discontinued so I don't want to buy a second hand model that is the same. Assuming I buy a compatible motherboard can I just swap motherboards and boot from USB and it will all be there? If not how do I do it without losing everything on the drives?
  14. I am using 5.0 beta update 1, when 5.0 final is supported via gnoboot will I be able to upgrade without losing everything on the HDDs?