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  1. @pocopicowhat is the difference between: https://github.com/pocopico/rp-ext/blob/main/raspbi-pill/rpext-index.json and https://github.com/pocopico/rp-ext/blob/main/early-telnet/rpext-index.json
  2. Did someone manage to use the TinyLoader with VMWare Fusion? I can boot into the loader update, configure satamap via loader command and build the image. But when the loader boot via SATA bootoption the DSM installation manager show the message that no hard disk is found. In VMWare options, I added a second SATA drive before. Any suggestions?
  3. please execute the ./reploader.sh update now to get the latest version of the loader with the fix for multiple usb controller.
  4. just perfect, many thanks @pocopico Now I am able to choose the controller and than the user_config.json is successfully updated.
  5. this became tricky. This board has an internal 240MB USB disc which is not possible to deactivate
  6. I use a physical test machine. Regarding your comment: "to specify the mac address manually to match your adapter (which you shouldn't, you should use a generated mac address) you can modify manually user_config.json" → I thought to use the WOL functionality I need to define the real MAC address within the loader. Then it would be an advantage to set the MAC address automatically. regarding ./rploader.sh listmod or listmods is this command already implemented? neither ./rploader.sh listmod nor ./rploader.sh listmods will show any specific result
  7. I run the command via ssh command but with the tc user.
  8. when I try the command: ./rploader.sh identifyusb now I receive 2 times the error message: sed: -e expression#1, char 33: invalid usage of line address 0 is there also a command the set the mac address? via ifconfig for example -> show the correct value for my adapter one further question, where can I define which extension I would like to use?
  9. Unter DSM 7.0 und 7.0.1 geht der H340 nach einem Shutdown wieder an. Nach einem erneuten Shutdown bleibt er aber aber aus. Einen quiet Befehl gibt es 7.0 Redpill-Loader aber nicht mehr. Zusätzlich hab ich auch folgende Extension installiert: https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/raw/develop/redpill-acpid/rpext-index.json Hat irgendjemand bereits erfahren mit einem H340 unter DSM 7.0 sammeln können? @IG-88 vielleicht?
  10. read this thread, there are legal issues. In the loader you will find proprietary code which is not under MIT licence.
  11. @haydibe SataPortMap: 42 is working great. SataPortMap: 44 results in an error. Could you explain why "SasIdxMap": "0", "SataPortMap": "42", "DiskIdxMap": "0004" is the right configuration for my setup? I would like to unterstand why "SataPortMap": "4" is not working and "DiskIdxMap": "0004" is necessary.
  12. There is one usb stick connected and there is an additional internal usb storage with around 400 MB. (I am using an Acer H340 device) I will try your config. Thanks in advance.
  13. unfortunately I get the error that disk with error where found (disk 4 and 5) and now the SATA ports are disabled.