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  1. Don't worry about power consumption, even with decent hardware its minimal. Id get a G4650 cpu with an b250 or h270 motherboard with 6 sata ports for expansion, 4-8gb ddr4 ram and that should be enough for multiple 1080p transcodes and basically anything else you want to do.
  2. How about hdhomerun dvbhdhomerun linux driver? Would be great for plex and tversity
  3. Have you tried the script used to update to update2?
  4. I can confirm the i217 on the H87i-plus and some other h87 chipset boards works perfectly.
  5. Are you sure the h87i-plus nic doens't work? Its the intel 217 The latest changelog says NETWORK ------- Update INTEL e1000e driver to v2.5.4 (support I217x and I218x chip)