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  1. Is it possible to run gnoBoot as standalone without VM?
  2. By "production" I mean using it as your main storage without any other system to actually backup every bit of data from that NAS. I reckon I should make backups of the most crucial data (photos, documents and other irreplaceables) to a separate hard drive once a week and maybe get crashplan for the same data. But the other data such as ripped movies and music, will it's not crucial, it would be quite annoying to lose it. That's why I'm wondering how you feel about XPEnology's stability and how much you actually trust it with your data. Of course I realize that getting a real Synology would be better, but it simply wasn't a choice this time as there no SoHo solution from Synology that can match the performance of my custom build. I want to be able to transcode multiple video streams via Plex etc. I've had my DS409 since 2009, without any hickups at all and I'm wondering if I can expect the same from a XPEnology run device. As I see it, DSM will keep getting more polished over the years to come, but I don't see any major addition in the future that would motivate me to risk anything by updating the firmware. So if I'd run XPEnology I think it'd let it sit on DSM 5 indefinitely.
  3. As far as I know, the system is installed on all disks in the machine, there's no system disk. Correct me if I'm wrong?
  4. Would you consider XPEnology stable enough to use in production? I just got a new NAS and installed Openmediavault on it. It's great, but I still miss the ease of DSM. Would you guys feels safe running DSM natively installed on your NAS? Of course I'll backup my most essential data with Crashplan or something similar, but still, it's no fun having your system collapse. If the OS would fail, will my data still be intact and be able to be saved if I reinstall or use another OS to access the data?
  5. Nice! Are you going with H60 aswell? (What does he mean with caps blocking a H90 btw? From the PSU?). I've been thinking a bit and I might just go for OpenMediaVault, it's not as nice as DSM but upgradability seems easier and safer. Seems like it'll evolve into something as nice as DSM sometime in the future.
  6. Hey, not yet. Haven't found any reliable info if the mobo will work with xpenology..
  7. Depends on what you mean with freeze. If only the webservices freezes maybe that the powerbutton shutdown may work. What do you exactly mean with "freezes'? Well, I've had my syno box become unresponsive, that I can't access the web gui or transmission even. I just thought that it was the OS that froze, but now that you mention it, it seems more logical that it's the web serve that might have crashed or something. If the whole OS froze (probably not likely with a unix based OS?) then I guess data would be lost if you were to pull the plug.
  8. Will this solution help if the system freezes aswell? I've had rare ocurrences when I needed to hold down the power button on my Synology to have it reboot. Doesn't feel that safe.
  9. Thanks for your reply! The reason why I'm asking about updates is that I have a DS409 running at home now, I've gone from DSM 2.x something to 4 since 2009. In that time, alot of things have happen. But you might say that DSM was in it's infancy back then. Surely DSM will continue to refine, but maybe not as big jumps as there has been. A possible problem I can see is that Synology was quite fast to pick up when Time Machine stopped working with some major OSX update. A problem like that could occur in the future. So if you're not able to update DSM easily, you're stuck with either staying with an old OS for your main rig, or without Time Machine support. The VM thing is a nifty trick, thanks for that, I'll keep that in mind! Ideally I'll offload the most important data via Crashplan so there's a backup of the most important things in the cloud. Anyway, wouldn't it be nice to keep DSM on a USB stick only? Swapping it out and instantly having a new version. But I suppose it's not possible. Are the storage volumes modified in anyway when updating DSM?
  10. Hi guys! Could someone please enlighten me what SSD caching would improve? Is it at all usable for a NAS specifically used for media storage for example?
  11. Hello! I'm trying to figure out the best approach to using XPEnology on a future NAS. 1. What's the best approach of using XPEnology, VM or standalone? Ideally I'd like the experience to be as similar to using a Synology NAS as possible, thus I rather not go the VM way and have XPEnology installed as the main OS. 2. If employing XPEnology as the main OS of the NAS. How will that work with updates in the future? As XPEnology is not official I feel that it's a bit risky with the update bit. Once installed and configured, should I just leave it at the current version and be happy? To me it's not an option to backup of a NAS with 9TB storage everytime you need to upgrade DSM. 3. What happens if the motherboard (or any other part) of my NAS would die. Do I need to replace it with the exact same motherboard/part? As I understand, DSM is put on each drive used as storage, is that correct? Would be so great if DSM just was on the USB. In that way you could just switch the USB to an upgraded DSM when a upgrade would come along. These are just some thoughts I have about this project. As great as it sounds, it poses alot of questions about stability and upgradability that makes me feel that using DSM on a non-Synology NAS without a secondary backup machine poses some threats to my data. I really love DSM, but to me a Synology NAS is not worth it at this point, performance wise. You pay alot (considering) and get a sub performing machine. Do you guys have any thoughts about this?
  12. Hehe, not available from the particular store But how about when installing packages, will that be distributed across the storage or the USB? But they probably don't take up that much space anyway. Any thoughts about the CPU or anything else? Any ideas how the CPU will cope with transcoding? Ideally it should handle multiple streams. I plan on letting my parents and friends connect to it via Plex.
  13. Yeah, I get that. However the performance with a custom build would probably be better. This is what I'm looking at now, do you think it'll work with XPEnology? ASUS H87I-PLUS mITX A-Data S102 Pro 16GB USB 3.0 (storage) Intel Core i5 4570T 2.9 GHz Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) CL9 1600Mhz VENGEANCE LP Fractal Design Node 304 For me it seems like this is a good build to consider if I'd want to be able to have multiple plex streams (transcoding) and run torrents and what not aswell.
  14. Hello! Planning on what will be my next NAS. Currently I'm on a Synology DS409 which I'm very satisfied with, but of course, over the years it's become a little sluggish. So naturally for my next NAS I'm looking for good performance, for a relatively low buck. I've looked over the alternatives available from Synology at the moment, but it doesn't quite cut it. It costs too much compared to what you get. But I love the simpleness of DSM, so that when I started looking for custom solutions and found XPEnology. Now, I've been googling around for some time, looking for recommendations for builds, but I haven't found that many suggestions. So thus I'm asking here if you could help me pick out a Mini-ITX board and a CPU that would work with XPEnology. I'm aiming for a quiet, low powerusage solution, that won't have trouble transcoding stuff with Plex Media Server etc. Ideas? So for I've only chosen Node 304 from Fractal Design as the chassi. Everything else is up for discussion. Thanks for your help!