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  1. Hi, I've been running jun's loader v1.02a for a few months. Everything has been fine until I decided to install the latest update. After I tried installing, I can't connect any longer. I thought this wasn't a big deal and I just reinstalled the latest loader on a flash drive. I'm now on v1.02b with a ds3516. I can get the initial boot. I get the option to recover (only option) and I proceed. After the system reboots, I can't connect again. I then try ds3617. I get the option to migrate. Let the system do it's thing and it reboots... I can't connect. Any hints? Thanks.
  2. So, in the hardware list, I noticed that for intel chipset SATA controllers, only a few specific ones are listed. Someone on this forum indicated that the Supermicro X10SL7-F is supported. The chipset for this motherboard is Intel® C222 Express PCH. This chipset is not listed on the hardware support list. Are other "modern" chipsets supported? C204, etc.? I'm still planning on an xpenology server. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys. I didn't realize a 4 drive synology could be had for under $300. I was thinking about getting this: ... EBIDX%3AIT If synology doesn't work out, I could go with FreeNAS or something else and not worry about hardware. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  4. Been lurking here for a while. I have xpeneology working on an old macbook pro that I never got around to fixing up and it works almost perfectly. The only thing I can't do is WOL. Other than that and it can't hold more than 2 hard drives, I would stick with this setup. As I've been browsing the forum, I noticed that some are running HP N40L's and others are running beefier hardware with virtualization. I'd like to run on bare metal on something low power. I also want to do it cheap; this leaves those newer atom boards out of the picture. Ebay has tons of server equipment for pretty good prices, but the power usage is insane. Most are dual CPU, which I don't need and will probably only eat up energy. I'd also like to go with ECC ram just in case we don't get updates anymore for some reason. Can you guys recommend something good? Those HP proliant microserver gen8's look sweet if it wasn't for the $500 price tag. Ideally, I'd like to something the computer for around $300 (without the hard drives). Thanks.