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  1. Remove all but 1 drive incase you screw something up, boot into Ubuntu live USB - mount the system partition and edit the /etc.defaults/version file - save your changes and reboot. Synology assistant or find.synology.com should detect the NAS as migrateable and you can then select the PAT file to install. I was stupid and upgraded to 6.0.3 on my N54L and had to use this to recover. Once the system has started, it will detect the system partitions are damaged on the other drives - so you need to click the Repair option but thats about it - no data loss.
  2. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Would you be able to produce a build for AMD N54L please - the experimental version you did for 1.01 worked so would it be possible to apply them to your new loader? If not could you provide more information on what you did to produce that loader so we can look at spinning our own release?
  3. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Stay where you are, i had DSM 6 when it was supported on N54L, had some issues with it. If you want to try nevertheless, try with some other hard disk and usb boot drive and always have a backup! Now i'm back at DSM 5, perfectly happy with it because everything works as it should be DSM 6.0 works fine here on N54L - been running the original loader since Jun released the loader. Haven't had any issues although I am hoping for a 6.1 build compat with it
  4. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Mine is working smooth for a week on AMD E350-M1-I: bare metal installation with 6.1.1 (downloaded directly from synology) + juno's 1.02a DS3615xs. Had some troubles with ethernet after the update done keeping DSM settings. Solved selecting the force install option and doing a clean install (you will lose settings of DMS but not data). Update 2 installed by DSM web interface. Any experience with HP N54L? Does it work since the beginning of 6.1, or is recent? thanks 6.1 isn't working on N54L using 1.02a2 loader I'm afraid at this time
  5. 1450

    @eaDir in DSM 6.0

    Because having it plays havoc with some web apps that auto load includes?
  6. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I'm using Juns AMD image on a N54L with no issue. My Mellanox card also works great - thanks for your hard work
  7. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Prints a couple lines like: then freezes The synology kernel do not have AMD CPU support compiled in, so it is expected that AMD box can not run properly. Adding support requires a full recompilation from source or some non-trivial patch to the synology kernel, both solution has its own difficulties. I personally does not have the hardware, so It may be a long wait before something positive happens. Might be worth putting a big notice in the original thread so N54L/AMD users know this as originally people suspected that it was just due to missing network card drivers as oppo
  8. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I can't post a log as there is no SSH access however the N54L appears to freeze during/after PCI enumeration which would explain why nobody can find the device on Synology Assistant or on their network. I was looking for a core dump or something to pinpoint where it was failing but nothing obvious stood out, the below is all I found out. Last messages in the boot process are similar to the below: Prints a couple lines like: then freezes
  9. 1450

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Could you also include the following for Mellanox cards? [ 4.126061] mlx4_core: Mellanox ConnectX core driver v1.1 (Dec, 2011) [ 6.564021] mlx4_en: Mellanox ConnectX HCA Ethernet driver v2.0 (Dec 2011) Would make me super happy
  10. Hi, thanks for hint, but as you saw there are two file that seems to be rootfs I'm not sure what you are asking here? If you look at the mount script, it shows the extraction of both rootfs files and their location.
  11. Extracting/Mounting the root FS appears to be handled by /etc/rcS.d/S30mountall You can see where they have coded the expected device names Upon correcting this, the libc errors will disappear and the system will bring up services when you run the init, however my network devices aren't present which is an issue