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  1. yold

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thank you Gronaldo Just completed a new build, using: - Asrock H370M-ITX board and 1.04b loader (DSM 6.2.2-24922) - Intel Core i3 8100 - 4Go ram - 6 x HDD (raid SHR-2 + BTRFS) - Fractal Node 304 Case Working great but only 1 ethernet is recognized
  2. yold

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello Gronaldo ! I'm also interested about this motherboard (6 Sata ) Can you tell me what CPU and how much ram did you install ? Many thanks !
  3. @neXus: sorry but i2cdetect is not present on my 4.3 genuine synology
  4. v1.1 works fine ! Well done Trantor ! No confusion between USB/Sata/eSata You're the best
  5. Sorry for all Trantor, acpi-cpufreq is present but not loading on my config because .... Atom 230 is not speedstep compliant
  6. Can you also check for acpi cpu frequency scaling module ? Thanks for your great job !
  7. Can you tell me more about acpi / powermanagement ? acpi-cpufreq is not loaded by default and i can't find cpupower tools. Thanks you
  8. Impeccable egalement avec le DS3612xs DSM 4.2 build 3202++ (repack v1.0) Je vais rester la dessus je pense
  9. Nikel avec le DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++ (repack v1.3a)
  10. Bonjour, J'essai de recycler mon imax mini c2600 avec XPEonology. Architecture Nvidia Ion avec atom 230@1.6ghz, 2go de RAM Je n'ai pas de port com sur la carte mère et je n'ai pas reussi à trouver si cela avait de l'importance ou non Pour le moment, la version RS3413xs+ DSM 4.2-3211 x86 ne passe pas, peut-être un pb de carte réseau (module noyau forcedeth en temps normal) J'essai de ce pas le DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++ (repack v1.3a) Bonne journée