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  1. Hello Neotronic, I am quite curious how you did this? Can you be so kind to give a detailed description on what steps you took (short tutorial). - What tool did you use to concert the IMG to VHD. - Did you make de disk dynamic or fixed. - Steps how you did setup the new virtual machine - If any changes made on the virtual please describe. Cheers Burner1977
  2. I am also want to know how he did this.
  3. Hello Polanskiman, I read your tutorial on installing. I'm been trying to get the loader 1.02a running on my asrock q1900-itx motherboard. In your tutorial you mention that if the xpenology is not found properly the NIC drivers aren't included in the ram. Could you be so kind to have a look if the drivers for a Realtek RTL8111GR are in there. If not can they be included. Thank you very much in advance Cheers Burner1977
  4. Hello, I just did a test run on a Asrock Q1900-itx MB but with no result. I prepared the usb stick with the correct VID, PID and MAC address (Loader 1.02a2 ds3617xs). It starts and loads the kernel but my rig isn’t found on my network. I tried with find.synology.com and Synology assistant. Is it possible that the drivers for my NIC (Realtek RTL8111GR) aren’t present in the 1.02a2? Cheers Burner1977
  5. Hello everybody, can't wait untill the stable version is out. But as I always say "be patient and the good will come to you". I was just wondering if there will also be support to run this on a Hyper-V server. I just switched to Hyper-V from ESXi so that why I ask. I the mean time keep up the good work. Cheers Burner1977
  6. Hello everyone, Respect for all the Dev's how are doing their best so make en keep this project alive and kicking. I allready did a upgrade for my baremetal machine without any problems. Now I want to install it on my ESXI server that is running 6.0.0 U2 and the .ova fails to deploy the vertial machine. I took the 1.0.1 version. I upload the .ova file and the vmdk. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? I can't find a tutorial for DSM 6. So if someone know's a good tutorial than please share. Thanks in advance Burner1977
  7. Hello everyone, I have been waiting a long time for DSM6. I check from time to time on this forum to see if there is any progress. To my surprise I saw that there is a working version. I would like to ask a few questions: 1. Is this a stable version to use on bare metal (running DSM 5.2 on a Asrock Q2900-itx)? 2. Is it possible to migrate from my current version 5.2-5644 Update 3? 3. Has somebody already made a complete tutorial (is not and the questions above are both yes then I wouldn’t mind to make one for everybody)? Thank you in advance for the answers and keep up the good w
  8. Hello Every body, I was looking around on this site and I clicked on a linked that directed me to myxpenology.com. It was refering back to this site and that there was a possibility that it had migrated my account from this site and that I should try to login. Is this correct? Thanks fort he answer Cheers Burner1977
  9. Hello Everyone, Quick question that hopefully can be answered by somebody. Today I added a SSD to my rig to play around with the SSD cache option. The disk is seen by DSM and when I add it as a disk to be used for caching all hell breaks loose. My rig keeps on rebooting. It starts nicely into XPenology but the restarts itself and keeps doing this. As soon as i disconnect the SSD and boot again DSM can be reached again. This anyone had a similar problem and if so what was the fix. I am runnung a asrock q2900-itx DSM 5.2-5644 Update 1 XPEnology 5.2-5644 Thx in advance Burner
  10. Hello, I did a clean install on my bare metal asrock Q1900 but this was a NoNo. I had the problems with not being able to create a new volume. If I look at the boot of XPenology it states that for a few items there is no patch found. I installed the previous version and I am going to try the update from here. Because this is the way I upgraded My virtual HyperV version and that worked. I will keep you posted what the end result of this test is. Cheers Burner1977
  11. I can confirm it works on HyperV. I will do the same on my bare metal asrock Q1900 this afternoon en let you know. Cheers Burner1977
  12. Hello agent47SG1, Do you know if there is a possibillity to get this working. I am asking this because my previous disk crashed and if I can plan a S.M.A.R.T. check I can recieve a email notice that the disk is starting to fail or has errors. Cheers Burner1977
  13. Hello everybody, I have the following question. I am running te latest version of XPenology with the last 5.1 DSM version in Hyper-V. I did a clean install recently and what I noticed is that if you look at the storage manager in DSM it can't retrieve the serial en firmware version. It keeps showing that it is loading. This results in S.M.A.R.T. not being availible. Is this normal or can it be fixed? Thanks for the reply. Cheers Burner1977
  14. upgraded to this version on my ASRock Q2900-ITX with no issues. cheers Burner1977
  15. But now off course the million dollar question. What about the files. Are they posted here on the site? Cheers Burner1977