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Migrate baremetal to ESXI


Hi all,


I currently have Xpenology 6.1.4-15217 Update 5 running on baremetal with Jun's loader 1.02b. I want to do more with VM's and the VMM is currently not doing the trick for me. Is it possible to migrate my current baremetal installation to an ESXI installation, without losing data? (I can live with losing my config)


If it helps; i have a spare SSD which i could use to install the ESXI server on, and add as a first HDD, so i dont have to touch the Xpenology's HDD's.

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Sounds like a lot more hassle than it's worth..


If you have spare disks, I would just set it up the same again in ESXi and just copy the data across.. Though in my testing, BareMetal was faster for me than ESXi..


I keep my couple of (always-on) VMs on an SSD in Synology VMM, and it's fine..  For anything more advanced (virtualisation-wise) then I felt I was better off with a separate ESXi server - using my bare metal Synology box as iSCSI Storage..

Depends if you want to mess around with vmotion etc..  :) 

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