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Looking into building an XPEnology NAS to replace existing DS413


Few questions:


The main reason I am doing this is because of the age of the DS413 and the fact it takes forever to do a RAID rebuild. Upgrading drives is now taking several days. If I ever did actually have a failure it's possible more drives could fail before rebuild completes. I have increased the speed using SSH and it went up from 17MB/s to around 20MB/s. So, not significant.


1) I am currently running 6.1.3 and would like to know if I can just set up a fresh build with 6.1.3 (or .4) and take my drives out and install into the new build and if it will just recognize? Configured as SHR

2) I have seen a compatibility list and some builds. I was looking into getting a Synology DS1817+ because I wanted to expand to more drives and add a hotspare but $849 for the hardware is a bit ridiculous for what you are getting CPU-wise. Is there any recommended builds running 8-bay drives?

3) Any of the builds have drive LED's so we can see which drives are failing?


I am not too concerned with CPU speeds and it will not be doing any kind of transcoding. I have an i5-7600k build handling any transcoding for me currently. It's effectively just being used for SMB shares but I have always liked how DSM handles RAID arrays and data which is why I wanted to stick with it.


Thanks in advance. Please move to proper category if general isn't correct.

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1 - The current loader is compatible with the latest version of DSM, that is 6.1.3 (u4). Moving your HDDs from DS413 to an XPEnology box should be possible but it will entirely depend on the hardware you will have. In the event that the hardware you chose is working with the loader then it should work. I do however recommend you make a clean install in order to start fresh. You could then make a backup of your DS413 and restored the data on your new XPEnology box.


2 - Current loaders available are ds3615xs, ds3617xs and ds916+. Look at Synology's website and you'll see the specs on those machines. Those are the specs you can potentially have on an XPEnology box. For example DS3615xs has a capacity of 12 bays. Some people have been able to extend that to 24 or even 36 through simple manipulation of some configuration files.


3 - That's not a matter of loader, that's a matter of hardware. Synology builds custom hardware to fit their requirement. In a custom XPEnology box you are dependant on the motherboard manufacturer hardware specification and functions. Unfortunately you can't have it all.


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