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  1. Yea. Still no clue what triggered it to begin with. I had rebooted many times before and have rebooted several since reinstall.
  2. Booted up with drives unplugged. Went to page, said no hard drives found. Plugged all drives back in, hit try again. It recognized drives and installed. Rebooted and came back up working.
  3. Not sure what the issue was. Just reflashed USB stick and it's working *shrug* EDIT: Spoke too soon. I can boot it up. It says recoverable. Doesn't let me force reinstall the DSM and it comes back up with the DSM that's already installed which is fubar. Done this twice now.
  4. SMB doesn't function as well, if that wasn't obvious.
  5. Responds to ping replies. That's it. SSH/HTTPd no longer function. I hard rebooted it after noticing I couldn't connect. It came back up and even sent an email out indicating it detected an improper shutdown. Has this happened to/with anyone else?
  6. Lol! I definitely could. Easier to just keep it pressed in though
  7. Attempting to use a 3412xs on a 3617xs loader to see what happens. EDIT: So far seems to work.
  8. I can't see anything indicating this but can I just use a legitimate MAC/SN combo from a different model unit or is it checking S/N against unit models too? I own a few models anyway.
  9. Since this is checking for S/N does the generated one work? I don't care about quickconnect.
  10. Can't edit last post, issue resolved. The two cables I happened to have were "bad" they would negotiate on PC as 1gbps but not on the NAS. Swapped cables, working now. Truly odd.
  11. Not the cable as other devices detect it as 1Gbps no problem. When I first got it installed and booted it specifically said the card was 10/100 and to consider upgrading so I don't think it is being detected correctly. Not really sure where to go about troubleshooting to get the correct module loaded. Tried the extra.lzma but it doesn't boot on here. Using DS916+ if that matters.
  12. Installed 916+ loader on my Western Digital WD Sentinal DX4000...The problem is, since the loader boots FROM the USB drive, I need to engineer something to hold in the "recovery" button on the unit. It's a headless unit that only boots to USB on reboot if recovery button is held in
  13. Few questions: The main reason I am doing this is because of the age of the DS413 and the fact it takes forever to do a RAID rebuild. Upgrading drives is now taking several days. If I ever did actually have a failure it's possible more drives could fail before rebuild completes. I have increased the speed using SSH and it went up from 17MB/s to around 20MB/s. So, not significant. 1) I am currently running 6.1.3 and would like to know if I can just set up a fresh build with 6.1.3 (or .4) and take my drives out and install into the new build and if it will just recognize?