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Jun's Loader v1.02b bootable ISO for Qnap VM

onkel bouncy

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Hi there,


I'm searching for a bootable CD Iso file from Jun's Loader v1.02b.

The VM from Qnap is not able to use non-persistent HD's, so i think it's a good idea to use a bootable CD with the loader.

I hope the loader don't have to be writeable?

Every ISO i found is not bootable except the old 5.2 on XPEnology.me.



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1 hour ago, onkel bouncy said:

OK, thank you for your answer.

I don't know why it needs to be writeable, but i already found an option to use a bootstick. ;-)



It needs to be writeable simply because the loader needs to write some data onto the media specially when editing vid/pid-mac-serial number though the Grub Boot Menu configuration menu. Also the kernel contained within the loader is replaced at each major update. If the media was not writeable you would not be able to update.

Hope this clarifies it.

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