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  1. I used the same video but I use DS3615xs I just tried it again but then with VMWare Workstation 14 and that doesn't work any more. I installed VMWare Workstation 12 and tried again and then export to OVA (VMware workstation saves default to ovf so rename file to ova it will create one file) In VMware when create VM I remove all drives -- USB -- CDRom -- Floppy Then add ONLY existing Synoboot.vmdk and change it to IDE. I do not start the VM but Export it then to OVA and then import it to QNAP. I add the second disk in QNAP Virtualization Station as SATA disk and Cache Mode Writeback. (Leave imported disk at IDE) Then start the machine and use http://find.synology.com/# and you can connect to the new Xpenology
  2. I have got it running by installing everything in VM Workstation and then export it to OVF. I imported the OVF in the QNAP Virtual Station. So no ISO needed. It runs very good. I installed it because of Photostation is much better from Synology.