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Pentium G4600 HTPC + NAS Build


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Here's my build. Hope this will help someone


Motherboard : Asrock B250 Fatal1ty Performance
CPU : Pentium G4600 (KabyLake)
Cooler: Cooler Master 212 Evo (set to 600rpm)
Hard Disk : 256GB Samsung EVO 850, 4x WD Red 4TB
Case : Phanteks P400S (removed led strip)
PSU : 450W 80Plus Bronze
Photo : (soon)

DSM: DS916+

Power Consumption (Idle)
With only SSD = 26W
With SSD + 4HDD = ? (Not yet tested)


Hardware Transcoding (Vaapi)

This build currently doesn't work mainly because the gpu driver (i915) that comes with DS916 doesn't support Kabylake processor. DS916 DSM is based on Linux 3.10. From what I see in the source code, it may support skylake.

I'm working to backport the i915 driver from Linux 4.6 which support kabylake. I tested the new i915.ko and even it has /dev/dri, Vaapi still doesn't work mainly because more work is required.


It may be easier to use DS918 because it it based on Apollo Lake and using Linux 4.4 which should be easier to backport the driver from 4.6. The problem would be patching it and getting a usable SN.


More update coming soon

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