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HPE Microserver G8 - RAID mode


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I will receive a HPe Microserver in a couple of days and I will install XPEnology at it.


I have a couple of doubts:


1) Is it possible to have it working with internal Smart Array, RAID mode? I readed a lot about install XPEnology at Microserver, and always I found that AHCI mode is used. But now I have a XPEnology at another hard with RAID1, ny XPEnology hangs sometimes, and then with button power off I have RAID 1 syncing for hours (and HDs working a lot). I think that with HW RAID I will not have this problems, or problems with no sync when a power supply failure occurs.


2) I readed about BIOS bug with scheluded power on, that do BIOS reset. Is this solved? I need to program power off / power on.


3) What about fan speed and noise?


Thanks for all, and sorry but my poor english

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you should be more precise what hardware you have and what hardware you will get

1. sounds to me more like the hardware has problems, the mdadm raid in dsm works usualy good, lots of people here not pomplaining about that point, check log, check ram, check cable, check temperature



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