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opinions -using dead SN/MACs?



Hi All


First off let me say that I don't use quickconnect or any synology server based services with my XPE boxes, which all run non-syno sn/macs. I have several real syno boxes and a couple are registered.


However, I do have several dead syno boxes, DS207s, 411js, 412+ etc.


Seeing that Synology are getting tougher with needing valid macs for more 'basic' operation I can imagine the day when things like package centre will need valid sn/mac just to operate. (I even noticed the other day that syno.auth services to logon to amazon/google drive for backup was unstable)


What are forum views on using the genuine sn/macs from dead boxes that I own on XPE, in the event that Synology get really tough and start to block everything?

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Well that's entirely up to you if those boxes belong to you but those dead Synology boxes serials wont work on DS 3615xs/or DS 3617xs/DS916+ as each Synology NAS model has a specific S/N construction and can't be swapped around. Unless you have a real DS 3615xs, or DS 3617xs or DS916+ then those dead syno boxes won't be of any help in principal.

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