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[SOLVED] Unable to install DSM on a T3500

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Uhdamm , I too am trying to use a T3500 with 4-3tb drives.. No matter what I do I keep getting the same result..


When I boot my DSM computer from my thumb drive, imaged with "DSM_DS3615xs_7393.iso" and choose INSTALL the Kernel loads fine, blinking cursor at bottom, I'm able to detect it from another PC, and begin the DSM install, the System shows up in my router's IP list and is pingable, but once the system reboots in RUN (by default after a couple seconds) it Doesn't seem to Load.. It lists everything down to "Booting the kernel" but I never see a blinking cursor at the bottom and the IP that was assigned by my router is no longer in use and isn't PINGing.. The Diskstation is never found and times out. Seems like RUN mode isn't loading the NIC or getting an IP from my DHCP scope, or maybe its not working at all and hung? If I reboot it and put it BACK into INSTALL mode, everything shows up, I'm able to connect again, setup the DSM "DSM_DS3615xs_7393.pat" configure everything, setup drives , initialize them, create RAIDS and test the parity etc. But if I create a VOLUME, it automatically CRASHES... SO basically I have a partially working DSM if it's running in INSTALL mode.


What would you recommend for the T3500 and files? Where and which ones did you use to get it working? thanks.. Any help MUCH appreciated..


DSM Newbb.

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Hi Bwesson.


I ended up installinng JUN's latest alpha bootloader, and so far, it has worked out quite well for me.



Today I installed the DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2 - No problems so far.....


I also suggest you follow the XPEnology facebook fansite, and catch up on the latest info:


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I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone's assistance and SHOUT OUT to Polanskiman! You were correct, just needed the right version files and follow the documented process.. I'm UP and running with my new DSM... Now time to READ..READ..READ.. Thank you guys Mucho !

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