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Cannot connect


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I have had a 3617xs with an AMD chip using DSM 6.2 working for over 2 years, however, suddenly last week it did not startup after a brief turn off and on.


I reinstalled DSM 6.2.3-25426 which I then updated to 6.2.4-25556 (I believe) through Control Panel due to problems setting up encryption and Letsencrypt.


For some reason however I cannot get connection to DSM through my local IP. Using Find.synology.com I can see that the DSM is ready (picture below/attached) and local IP is correct but everytime I hit Connect button nothing happens and I get page not found error.


My goal is get it to what it was with 6.2. Any and all help on what to do would be welcome. 


Many thanks


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Hi again,

So, I rebuilt the USB drive with version 6.2 image and tried it.


Initially the DSM came up by using find.synology.com page and giving the option to migrate. I did that, but then I have again the same problem. The DSM comes up via find.synology.com page but when I hit connect nothing happens.


I can no longer ping to the .15 IP address.


Any suggestions as to what to try next?



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10 minutes ago, rojoone2 said:

DSM 6.2.4-25556 is a know version the does not work and you may not be able to downgrade at this point.

Are there any apps that you use on DSM 6 that are not available on DSM 7?

Most users have upgraded from the DS3615 and DS3617 to the DS3622xs+ and DSM 7.

Thank you Rojoone2 for responding.


The reason I did not update to DSM 7 is because I am using AMD Athlon II as processor and I had read that the new loaders do not support that old cpu.


Is this true?


At this point my biggest concern is not to lose the data. I have 4 hdds, summing to 27TB. 


If needed I can update my board and CPU.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks



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