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LSI Megaraid storage manager driver?


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Hey guys,


So, I've got the following hardware :


AMD A8-3870 3.3Ghz 8 cores total

ASUS f1a75-m pro motherboard


750W PSU 80%

Lian-Li PC-V354 Case (7 3.5" internal HDD bays in a MiniITX form factor)


LSI Megaraid 84016e RAID Controller (256MB ram and a BBU included) in RAID 6 mode:

6 x 2TB NAS HDD (4 x WD RED (two seperate batches), 2x Seagate NAS)


I originally set this box up as a small ESX server with the intent to run FreeNAS as a VM, and populate it with the Drives from the LSI. Turns out this controller doesn't have JBOD, nor can it pass through it's drive data, so I'm stuck for now (I don't want to buy ANOTHER controller for now if I can avoid it).


So, I've installed Xpenology 4.2 build 3211, and almost everything seems to be working as expected.


Now, what I have done is setup the drives on my controller as a Raid 6 array, and then create several Basic Drives to split up storage for different reasons for now.


One of the things that would be nice is if the LSI Megaraid remote management client could be installed (So that you can run the MegaRAID Storage Manager software) from any windows client to configure the RAID array itself (I can't ever seem to get into the raid card directly on boot, stupid UEFI bios...)


Anybody know if there is a driver that I can install that will allow the Controller to show up via my network ?

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