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  1. Just curious... I have a legit ds1515+ and I'd like to add more drives, but man the expansion modules are expensive for a simple box with esata splitter and psu ($600Cdn). I'd love to build my own expansion module for 1/5th of the price, but I understand that the expansion modules have some kind of custom firmware on it to ID itself to the main synology box and unlock proper access (so it see's it as a expansion module, and not an external drive).
  2. Thanks for the info. Sound stupid, but its been so long since I've done the vid/pid step, can you link me the instructions where it describes that process?
  3. Hello, Its been awhile since I hit these forums, and I realized today that it has been awhile since I last upgraded my current Xpenology box. I'm currently running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 11 on a DS3615 image with (if I remember correctly) Jun v1.01 boot. I'm now reading that the Jun 1.02b is a fairly stable upgrade for AMD based systems (AMD FX based system). However, I'm noticing images for DS3617 based systems now. Can I upgrade my bootloader AND DS platform at the same time if I've been running DS3615 this whole time? Is there any benefit of going from 3615 to 3617? Thanks in advance guys, Spy
  4. spyrule

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Sorry guys, Its been awhile since I've popped in here, I'm just curious, is AMD hardware being dropped, or is it just a delay on the new bootloader to get it to work?
  5. spyrule

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    So I can confirm Jun 1.02a with 6.1.1-15101-1 Baremetal on a Dell DCS C6005 (C6100 series cloud server) running the Dual AMD Opteron 2419EE, 48GB of Ram and using the onboard 6 port sata connections, I am not using the onboard pci-e slot just yet, but I'll be testing a Mellanox ConnectX-2 in the next week or two (hopefully). Just for sake of notes: Install using DSM_DS3617xs_15047.pat with the Jun 1.02a (NOT 1.02a2) I then used the DSM update option to upgrade first to 15101, then again to update to the 15101-1 version. So far, everthing seems fine.
  6. spyrule

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Can someone link a 6.1 Pat file that worked for 1.02a2 loader? I've tried a few and none seem to work on my baremetal setup (Dell DCS C6005)
  7. Does anybody know of the drivers for the Mellanox ConnectX2 cards are included in this build ?
  8. I used this http://www.xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100 to upgrade from 5.2 worked perfectly Update instructions are intentionally left blank until rerelease. I jumped the gun thinking it was ready, but missed a couple of things. Don't worry it will be back. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk Nono, thank you! I literally just read about this release today, so I'm just happy to have an upgrade path! Would this next release likely be ready for "home" production ?
  9. When is the hopeful date to have Upgrade instructions for people coming from 5.2 ?
  10. So, It turns out it was a bad NIC on my Domain Controller (which is also my primary DNS/DHCP server). Once I fixed its connection, everything started to respond and work correctly again. Still not sure why the GUI wouldn't load (even with an IP instead of Domain name), but as long as it working, thats my main concern.
  11. I upgraded a few weeks back, and only just rebooted my NAS for other reasons (UPS swap), and now I cannot get into my NAS via network. First thing to note, I have not changed any configurations within my network at all (literally shut everything down, swapped an NMC card on my UPS, and powered everything back up). I'm getting an IP on each interface on my NAS (one 10Gig fiber, 1 x 1Gig NIC), and I can ping out from the NAS, but I cannot ping back to the nas from the rest of the local network. If I try to use Synology Assistant, it finds the two ports, but it says connection failed, and gives me the option to "setup" my NIC (which fails). I'm at kind of a loss as to what is going on here...
  12. Don't know why shutting down didn't occur to me. Luckily, most of my NAS is backed up daily via Crashplan. Luckily, I was able to find my original setup notes where I identified each drive by serial # against the physical drive cage # (and slot its in). I just had to go digging for those notes. I was hoping to be able to identify the drives via Lights, but I guess manual control is my best long term option.
  13. Hey guys, I'm running 5.2-5644 u 8 on a Dell PE2950 hardware. Its been running great, except one of my hdd's received a bad sectors error, but the NAS recovered from it. The drive is currently operating "normally" but these are older WD Green Desktop harddrives (that I fully planned to replace as I had money for replacement drives). I have some replacement hard drives in my hands now to replace the bad drive, except they are numbered Disk 3 through 8 (6 disks total). I don't know how to identify the initial problematic drive without physically pulling them. Is there a command line util to make the hdd controller set the drive as degraded/shutdown ?
  14. Has anybody tried simply installing this patch via manual patch?
  15. Perfect!, Exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you!
  16. Hey guys, One of the things from Synology that I've always loved was the clean GUI interface from DSM. I'm now looking at building a web-based Point of Sales system (it may be completely over my head, but I can think big ), and I think I'd like to build it with the DSM "feel" if at all possible. So with that in mind, does anybody know how the gui is served/built ? Is that portion of their code open source? (I don't actually want to steal the gui code, but if I can see how its done, I could re-create in the manner desired) Is there a specific library/java/JS or other component that is used to build the interface? Any info you can provide would be appreciated.
  17. Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. I've actually re-installed, and when I did so I only left in the first drive (I recorded its serial #). For the rest of then I did the same thing for each drive consecutively. So now the drives are numbered in somewhat sequential order (albeit starting at drive 3 through 8 instead of 1 - 6). With my own mapping, I at least know what drive is which based on serial number and drive slot. Annoying yes, but at least it works for now (and saves me having to buy an HBA for old hardware). Posted via Xpenology.us
  18. Hello, I'm setting up Xpenology 5.2 5644-u5 on an older Dell 2950 (I got it stupid cheap). Its only going to be used for housing test esxi VMs, so I don't care too much about power/noise. The only issue I've run into (its minor, but it's annoying), is that the drive number enumeration doesn't line up with the physical drives in the machine. I have all 6 drive bays populated via the Dell SAS 6 i/r in jbod, and they are all seen. However, one of my temporary drives I had (just for testing) failed SMART (I figured it might). However its listed as driver #8. I made the assumption that Drive 8 was the last in the group (so physical drive 6), but in fact that isn't the drive. Is there a way to identify the drives based on their physical drive location (The dells are numbered 0-5, I'd like to at least have them identified as drives 1 - 6 if possible). Thanks in advance, Spyrule Posted via Xpenology.us
  19. Did you flash the boot rom as well? If not, you could be running a mismatched Rom and Firmware, which could cause unforeseen future issues. There is no benefit of keeping the HP ID, unless you want to struggle to apply future updates. (assuming there is any... which is doubtful). As for performance on these cards, chances are your hard drives/controller are your bottleneck and not the NIC anymore.
  20. I have the exact same card... (mods, feel free to remove this if this breaks a rule to link to another forum). Here is my solution to the FW update: https://forums.servethehome.com/index.p ... tx-2.7560/
  21. Honestly, it sounds like your systems isn't supporting Passthrough properly. It looks like it's not passing through IRQ requests to the card and back to the VM. Have you set any special settings in your VM, besides allowing passthrough (make sure you reboot your ESX box after adding the card to passthrough), then add the card as a device within the VM ?
  22. What's the error, and I'm assuming if your doing passthrough, your using ESXi ? Does your hardware properly support passthrough ?
  23. Hey guys, I found the official instructions here: http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.ph ... #Bootstrap however, as you would expect, these are for the OEM devices with specific cpu support. Does anybody have the instruction for Xpenology with AMD/Intel cpus ? Reason I'm trying to install this, is to install the Rootkit Hunter plugin, which fails when using the app installer.
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