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ESXI 6.5 guide for xpenology?



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Any one know if there is any op to date guides with ESXI 6.5?

I have followed some guides on ESXI 5.5 but I'm not sure if it's me or what but the xpenology virtual machine crashes and don't work, have to star over again.


Use the vCenter converter to import June's bootloader 1.0.1 into your ESXi installation. Be sure that you select the ESXi mode in the boot screen during every(!) start. You can change the defaul boot setting in the grub.cfg to be ESXi by default.


Though, be aware that a single(!) instance can be used in your whole network as the mac address of the nic is hard coded in the grub.cfg. If you are planning to run more than a single instance you need to modify the grub.cfg for EACH instance.


Editing the grub.cfg was not that easy to be honst. I had to import the bootloader to turn the ISO file into a vmdk file, download it to my local machine, map it as a windows drive with vmware workstation. Then i was able to modify the bootloader using 7zip to deal with the compressed files and notepad++ to actualy apply my changes to the file.


Not pretty comfy, but it works :wink:

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I know that 6.5 works just fine with the vm. I haven't had any issues since upgrading to 6.5 tbh, but I started out with 6.0 and haven't used 5.5 for my DSM VM. Upgrade was pretty easy and after reboot everything worked out of the box. Haven't had the need to tweak anything yet.

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