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DS3622xs image crashes HP Dl380 Gen9 - P840AR HBA


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Hi all, 


Using ARPL or TCRP I have the same problem on my rack server. 


I can generate the USB boot drive fine on both TCRP and ARPL, have verified the Hpsa driver is being added (sataportmap recognises the 3 disks connected to the P840ar) when building the loader, my problems start when Installing the .pat file, on the ds3622 image, always fails between 60-70%, fans ramp up on server and HBA card crashes, have to reboot to get it back.


If I turn off HBA mode in the Bios for the P840AR, enable raid, create Raid 0 for all separate disks, Ds3622xs installs fine (but this is wrong as no smart data etc) 


Install works perfectly when using the DS3615xs image in HBA mode on TCRP, but not in ARPL, although successful on TCRP, it only shows 2 cores, id prefer to be on DS3622xs - anyone have any ideas. 

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Just for verification the HPSA driver is being recognised and installed correctly, I have also manually added it into the images.


I can Install 7.0.1-42218 loader and install the .pat file correctly, so something is different between these


DS3622xs-7.1.1-42962 - NOT WORKING - Crashes the HP P840ar RAID / HBA controller (The one I want)

DS3622xs-7.0.1-42218 - WORKING

DS3615XS-7.1.1-42962 - WORKING


Any ideas? Anyone at all please ? 

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Disregard this thread, switched to openmediavault and everything working perfectly first time including nvme and 10gbe network card, P840AR in HBA mode (smart data values showing correctly on drives in OMV too). And used R-Sync to mount remote folders and transfer all of my data over at full speed of what the drives are capable of.


Docker up and running, with Shinobi to replace Surveillance station.



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Its a shame as it would run "fine" on the Gen 8 microserver (some little errors such as network slowdowns via 10gbe, but certainly useable) I can only assume its to do with drivers / assignment / Kernel - I wish I could help further to modify something so it could be a "one size fits all" for Tinycore, sadly I don't have the knowledge to do so.


I suppose the positive is that if the drivers and kernels were tweaked, it could indeed work - but not really feasible on such a small project to get everyones hardware running (especially server grade items)

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