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В 25.10.2022 в 22:39, ElsaekDK сказал:

Can i run xpenology on zimaboard ?



Its Celeron N3450 and has igpu hd500 so it could run even DVA1622 with AI (face rec and dva) but it doesnt have sata, only nvme drives can be used I guess and xpenology requires sata disk. Which is kind of problem, unless its been solved already and pci-e drives can be used. Also check what nics it does have is it supported by any loaders or not otherwise you will have to buy usb NIC, also check Odroid which Peter suggested same SBC alternative to zima and has x86 version as well and includes sata interface. ODROID H2+ with Celeron J4115 cpu is perfect choice;)


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I know that the post is a bit old but maybe someone is still looking for it ;-)


I've been trying to get different versions to run on the ZimaBoard 832 for several days now.

Unfortunately most of them didn't work, but it now worked with the following version:



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