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High availibility with 2 hypervisor vm’s


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i have xpenology running on 2 different vm’s.


first one of proxmox second one on esx. I’m trying to create a HA setup but fails. Both have same dsm version en both have 2 nics which are visible in the initial setup. Don’t have dhcp server or ipv6 on the nic’s. When intry to create the initial setup i see the nics en select primary and the standby nic and press next. But it fails. Inhave blocked the second nics to mu dhcp so they get a 169.xxx address but no succes. 

does anyone know what im missing or if this is even possible due to the setup. The machines have 1 physical nic but 2 virtual nics. Mac address etc are all ok.


but the physical connection are on a switch. I tried to add vlan but it also fails.



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as test im doing a setup on a dl380p gen8.  It has a e5-2620 v1 cpu. I get slightly further. Vm’s have 2 nics mtu is set 9000 second noc in a seperate vlan. The HA setup gets created but once it is there they sync but the passive mode is stated sisconnected. Also i get dsm model and ip but not version of dsm etc in the cluster details. Also i’m wondering if vmnet3 is correct or should i use intel 1000 or 1000e. To get it properly set. After rebooting cluster cannot get it to properly work.

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