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AdGuard on macvlan - Docker DSM 7.1U3 DS3622xsp on ESXi 6.7U3



Hi All, 


A new problem has occurred to me.

I installed DSM 7.1 with U3 3622xsp on ESXi 6.7U3b (7.0 doesn't support  my SAS controller).

Everything went smoothly. System working fine. I decided to install AdGuard on Docker using mcvlan. I did it previously on my custom hardware build without any problems. 

Here on ESXi I was able to install docker and AdGuard but I am unable to launch AdGuard. 

I followed instruction from here: https://mariushosting.com/how-to-install-adguard-on-your-synology-nas/ and here: How to Install AdGuard Home on a Synology NAS! - WunderTech

but without success. 

The problem seems to be with network. I am not quite sure if I need add some settings to ESXi... 

Previously my AdGuard has it own static IP address. This is why I choose macvlan. 

Has anybody has similar problem? 



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ok, I managed to fixed.

I would like share this with you. I spent 20h to resolve the issue. 

Open ESXI web UI, find network in hardware, click VM Network inside, then Edit Setting, find Security tab, modify prosmiscous mode to Accept, MAC address changes to Accept, save modify. Before I did it I closed my DS3622xsp.





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