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I have a Xpenology DSM Update 3 on a DS3617xs boot and thinking about migrating to DSM7, but having seen the tutorials about 7.1, I am not clear how a migration from my existing setup to new setup could be done. 

Any support would be appreciated.




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There are many post in the forum about successfully migrating to DSM7 from DSM 6. First backup your data.

Then create a NEW usb with TCRP image from here: https://github.com/pocopico/tinycore-redpill  Instructions in how to build the loader is at the bottom of the page.

Choose the image that's right for your hardware or for a virtual environment.

Choose your platform (I would suggest you use DS3622xs+) and follow the instructions at the bottom to build your loader and reboot.

Use find.synology.com or the assistant to find your NAS on your network and you will get a prompt to migrate.

Install the latest pat file for the DS3622xs+ and you should be good to go.

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