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Install from usb drive


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Is it possible to install xpenology from from usb drive using ISO instead of IMG

My motherboard doesnt recognize the thumb drive when using Win 32 disk imager

but it does recognize it when I use YUMI but YUMI only uses .ISO


I have a ga-e350n-usb3 with 8gb ram


Any help would be great

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If you can boot from YUMI, it should be able to boot just the same with the XPEnology boot.


maybe the.img file is corrupted, or not closed / saved properly if you made changes to it.


try downloading a fresh copy of the .img file, and then Win32 disk image the USB stick again.


the contents inside the .img is basically the same thing you'll find in YUMI, it's just 1 OS, instead of multiple OS / utilities.



As a work around, if it still fails, you can try to create a YUMI usb stick out of the ISO for XPEnology, and have YUMI automatically boot to XPEnology every time, you'll have to modify YUMI default boot choice.


Additional thing you can check, maybe your BIOS requires to turn on all USB to run either in legacy mode, or some other features related to USB options provided by the motherboard manufacture.

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I downloaded a new copy still same result Win32 disk imager makes the usb not show up on boot just says loading operating system boot error

If I use Yumi it works but when the screen comes up to choose what to do nothing happens on install debug or the other screen just flickers


I really dont want to buy a synology there expensive


thanks for quick reply before

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UEFI is not an option when i was in the Bios with the YUMI thumb drive it appears under bootable devices but the Win32 disk imager will not show up or work for anything.


The Win32 Disk Imager says boot error


YUMI get all the way to the selection screen but screen just flashes when I hit Enter

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