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Another "upgrade from 5.2-5565" question...


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Sorry if this has been asked before, I think my situation is a bit different and I need some advice.


Currently running DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 on ESXi 6 on HP Microserver Gen8.

I think my XPEnoboot version is 5.1-5022, but I'm not sure (is there an easy way to check without a reboot?)


My EPEnology storage is on 2 x 3TB in RAID1 (hardware array controller in the Microserver) and is mapped with RDM.


I'd like to upgrade because I like having the latest and the greatest. (but not at all costs...)



Should I upgraded to the latest 5.2?


Should I upgrade to DSM 6?



is the upgrade simple? or do I need to jump through hoops?

do I also need to upgrade XPEnoboot in either case?

should I keep RDM? or just wipe it and go with a standard VM storage?


If the recommendation is to upgrade I will appreciate a link to a simple guide.





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DSM 6 NO! its not working yet with XPE boot


If you are already on a DSM 5.2 version then your upgrade of the XPE boot should be simple. Just create a 5.2.5644 boot drive and reboot.


Its always good practice to backup data before any 'major surgery' anyway

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