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  1. For me the advantage in running ESXi is the ability to run other VM's on the Gen8. My microserver is not dedicated to XPEnology. I'm running Sophos UTM, FreePBX, APC Virtual Appliance and XPEnology, all running 24x7. I also have a couple of Windows VM's running occasionally (on demand). Can't speak for others though...
  2. You are right, no reason... ...except that I like DSM... Been using XPEnology and DSM for quite a few years now. First on my N54L, then on my Gen8, ran DSM 5.x and didn't update much. It was rock solid and I simply like it. I know a plain Linux server will do the job, perhaps even more efficiently. I run a few services on my XPEnology and I like the ease of installing packages in DSM. Sure, all can run on plain Linux as well. I really appreciate your help and advice.
  3. Managed to resolve the issues. Up and running: HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 P222 array controller ESXi 6.5 U2 DSM 6.2.3-25426 DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01 In case it helps anyone else: I solved it with the following setup: HDD1 on SATA 0:0 - Juns synoboot.vmdk HDD2 on SCSI Controller 0:1 - my ~4TB datastore SCSI Controller 0 - VMware Paravirtual SCSI (was previously set to LSI Logic Parallel) Then, in the VM BIOS, I changed the boot order to boot from SATA. All good now.
  4. Thank you. But I have to use the RAID controller. I have other VM's running on the ESXi host, all use storage attached to the array controller.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes to all. I use the 1000e NIC but have tried the others too. I configured a unique MAC address in the VM and in grub.cfg I used the SN generator for SN.
  6. I had XPEnology running DSM 5.x as an ESXi VM on My Gen 8 for a number of years. For various reasons (irrelevant) I decided to build a new VM with a newer XPEnology and larger storage. My setup: HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 16GB RAM P222 Array Controller 2 x 1TB in RAID1 for ESXi VM datastore (hardware RAID) 2 x 4TB in RAID1 for XPEnology datastore (hardware RAID) ESXi 6.5 U2 (upgraded recently from 6.0) I followed the tutorial and configured the VM. Unfortunately I am having great difficulties installing. If I boot with the syn
  7. Thanks. I wasn't going to use the DSM RAID. Only the hardware RAID controller.
  8. Thank you! This is very helpful. Started going through the process. Created the new VM as per tutorial. ... tried at least... Created the VM on my VM datastore. Removed the devices as per tutorial. Attempted to create a drive on my 4TB datastore and no matter what I do it always gets created on the VM datastore. Tried to move it and to no avail.
  9. Thank you for the link. Unfortunately I still don't know the difference and therefore cannot decide what's best for me. Either way, I have a physical RAID array controller, so I'm not letting DSM manage my physical disks. My choice is between a standard VMDK and RDM, I just don't know which...
  10. Proliant Microserver Gen8 P222 RAID array controller ESXi 6.0 (HP image) 2 x 1TB in RAID1 for VM's 2 x 4TB in RAID1 for XPEnology storage (data shared on my network) Going to do a clean install of XPEnology (DSM 6.2.3) My question: Should I configure the 4TB storage for XPEnology as RDM or as standard ESXi VM disk? What is the advantage of RDM? Also: is the this tutorial still relevant? Will appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, I think my situation is a bit different and I need some advice. Currently running DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 on ESXi 6 on HP Microserver Gen8. I think my XPEnoboot version is 5.1-5022, but I'm not sure (is there an easy way to check without a reboot?) My EPEnology storage is on 2 x 3TB in RAID1 (hardware array controller in the Microserver) and is mapped with RDM. I'd like to upgrade because I like having the latest and the greatest. (but not at all costs...) So: Should I upgraded to the latest 5.2? or Should I upgrade to DSM 6? a
  12. Thanks again. Performed all the upgrades on the weekend, had a hell of a hard time but all is done. Running DSM 5.1 and will upgrade to 5.2 during the week.
  13. Thank you! So I should upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 first, is this correct? Is this a simple process? Isn't it a case of also changing from Nanoboot to XPEnoboot? Can you recommend a step by step guide for upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1?
  14. need some advice please. Currently running DSM 5.0-4528 on Microserver N54L with ESXi 5.1 U2 The N54L has a P410 array controller (+512M+BBWC), with 2 x RAID1 1 arrays. The XPEnology storage is on one of the RAID1 arrays mapped with RDM. ESXi is booting from a USB flash drive. Just bought a Microserver Gen8 and am planning a major upgrade. The plan is: 1. Migrate everything "as is" to the Gen8 (i.e. P410 + HDD's + ESXi boot, etc) once everything is working: 2. Replace the P410 with P222 array controller once everything is working: 3. Upgrade DSM to 5.2-xxxx ...and once everythin
  15. I'm running Xpenology in a VM on ESXi on my N54L. Also running FreePBX, Ubuntu Server 14 and an occasional use of a Win 7 test machine. The Xpenology is running PMS, straeming nicely. All running happily, no issues.