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  1. Hello everyone I have a problem when using the guide of downgrade by 5565 to 5022 I cannot login in diskstation when I use root I have tried many times I have also used the comment to reset the user become admin and null password also, I have use to enter the today password but still say login incorrect the system can login in smb by using admin and blank password to enter and assess files Anyone can help me?
  2. Hello Everyone I am one of the N54L users which is installed DSM 5.0 currently, it is really stable and N54L have been run more than 45days. But i want to ask if I want to install one more system into N54L such as windows 8.1 or 7 with DSM run in a same time. What can I do is better using N54L? Since I only use the macbook pro only , I sometimes need to use Windows too. 1. ESXI + DSM 2. Windows 8.1 + Hyper-v + DSM 3. DSM only Can you give me some suggestions for me? Thanks a lot