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24 port RAID Controller Card


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Good morning,


I've been using a Norco 24 bay chassis with 3x Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 cards.  Over the last few months, the cards have been acting up on the DSM DS3615xs 23739 build.  I was looking in to see if there was a RAID controller card that has 24 channels, so I can get down from 3 cards to 1.  


If anyone has RAID Controller suggestions or links that I can look at, it would be much appreciated!



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your old controller is mvsas as a driver

there are lsi (broadcom) sas cards with 24i in the name, that would be what you are looking for but you would need to check if the card in question is supported by dsm's own deivers or be addtional driver

my suggestion would be to look into 3617, dsm 6.2.3) or 3617/3622 dsm 7.0

these have a newer mpt3sas driver then 3615 and if the pci vendor/device id  is in that driver you are good to go


if you have trouble finding out if its supported then quote me and i will have a look

(really 24 disk active?)


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Hi IG-88,


Great info, thanks!  I'll do some digging around to see what I can come up with.  I've struggled with the 3617 in the past, and the 3615 has been my safety net.  But I'm definitely up to digging back into that again. 


The 24 disk Norco setup is mainly just my 3rd backup I take offsite. It's just a amalgamation of drives that have come out of my other two Synology systems after storage upgrades.   


Thanks again!

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