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Dell R510 vs C2100 FS12-TY


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I've been looking for this servers for some time now, along side the HP DL180 G6, but now I have a good deal for a pair of FS12-TY but the same seller also have the R510 with the exact same config ( 2xL5630 / 32GB (8x4GB) / H700 512mb / 1x750W ) but for 130€ more each.

For what I've researched the R510 is more upgradable and it have better driver support and also is VMware 5.5 compatible instead of the 5.1 FS12-TY.

I will use these servers for xpenology only to store backups or if they won't work for this in the future I might install Vmware in it later.

Any advice on what to choose guys, the R510 or FS12-TY based C2100 ?




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I've choosed the C2100 FS12-TY (2x L5630 / 32GB DDR3 / H700) and I'm running xpenology DSM 5.2-5592 Update 2 baremetal since it have IPMI included and 2x 2.5" HDD inside for SSD and also 18 DDR3 slots for future upgrades or if I want to convert the machine to a VMware host.


Been doing some tests and tune ups but everything works 90% OK till I sort everything up:


-replaced H700 for a H310 crossflashed to LSI-9211-8i (done)

-BIOS reverted to B16 so it can load VMware ESXi in the future (done)

-BMC reverted to v1.70 for lower fan noise (done)

-added mellanox 10GBe nic card (done)


-CPU load in xpenology is allways at 10% don't know why, and CPU is not throtled back, is allways at 2.13Ghz (100%) at idle!

-don't know how or if needed to activate write cache in xpenology (gives error), since I'm not having too good write speeds for 12x 3.5" HDD and H310 card (130 - 150 MB/s with 10GBe network) have to do more tests


But it's working, not at 100% but it's ok.

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