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  1. Hello, So there's no way to get the vmxnet3 10GBe working with DSM6.2? I was trying to install synoboot 1.04b with ds918 but it doesn't show up on my network. Tried on VMworkstation on my desktop i7-7820x and it shows up but in a diferent subnet and can't access it!!! So the HP micro G8 it's not compatible with the later loader and drivers right ?
  2. Hello, Can I use this script with 5.2-5592 ? Thanks
  3. I got it working... just HDD out of order on the DELL chassis! But they have to be on the order on boot if not it will just order HDD for the order we just put them, but since the H310 controler boot them on order it's ok.
  4. Hi, I've choosed the C2100 FS12-TY (2x L5630 / 32GB DDR3 / H700) and I'm running xpenology DSM 5.2-5592 Update 2 baremetal since it have IPMI included and 2x 2.5" HDD inside for SSD and also 18 DDR3 slots for future upgrades or if I want to convert the machine to a VMware host. Been doing some tests and tune ups but everything works 90% OK till I sort everything up: -replaced H700 for a H310 crossflashed to LSI-9211-8i (done) -BIOS reverted to B16 so it can load VMware ESXi in the future (done) -BMC reverted to v1.70 for lower fan noise (done) -added mellanox 10GBe nic card (done) -CPU load in xpenology is allways at 10% don't know why, and CPU is not throtled back, is allways at 2.13Ghz (100%) at idle! -don't know how or if needed to activate write cache in xpenology (gives error), since I'm not having too good write speeds for 12x 3.5" HDD and H310 card (130 - 150 MB/s with 10GBe network) have to do more tests But it's working, not at 100% but it's ok.
  5. As I've wrote on other post I have a dell H310 2008 chip card flashed to LSI 2118IT and have the drives ordering problem, but if I use the card with original firmware from dell H310 it works ok, disks are in correct order on DSM and card Bios, only don't have SMART status in DSM! So could be firmware related the ordering issue?
  6. Hello, I've searched a lot about this "issue" of the LSI cards and can I ask if anyone found a way to get arround it? In DSM or even in LSI card? I have a H310 flashed to 2118IT but can't get in to the advanced functions with the LSIUTILS, so I can try to reset the disk position and start over, and also to map them directly to the correct physical port! Any clue why or anyone made it? Any way I get the H310 pass also the SMART status to DSM with the dell firmware? With dell original firmware the disks are ordered correctly and passthrough works but only SMART doesn't shows in DSM! So saying that random drive bay layout is a LSI thing, it's not, since the H310 with Dell firmware doesn't do that! PS: I'm using a DELL server C2100 F12-TY model with sas expander with 12 HDD bays.
  7. Hello, I've been looking for this servers for some time now, along side the HP DL180 G6, but now I have a good deal for a pair of FS12-TY but the same seller also have the R510 with the exact same config ( 2xL5630 / 32GB (8x4GB) / H700 512mb / 1x750W ) but for 130€ more each. For what I've researched the R510 is more upgradable and it have better driver support and also is VMware 5.5 compatible instead of the 5.1 FS12-TY. I will use these servers for xpenology only to store backups or if they won't work for this in the future I might install Vmware in it later. Any advice on what to choose guys, the R510 or FS12-TY based C2100 ? Thanks Posted via Xpenology.us
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